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  1. I gave up to be honest and paid, too much going on personally and in work to put up with the aggro of going to court. Made me sick to do it but there you go.
  2. I didn't use a solicitor for my appeal, did it myself. Although I won my appeal I wasn't satisfied but I got nowhere with further action against them because I couldn't find a solicitor who was willing to pursue it and have too much on my plate to waste more time - although its bugging me and I know I should. If it is your first appeal then it should be dealt with by the actual Ombudsman and not the oik who turned you down the first time, they're just there to filter appeals and get rid of people as quickly as possible and know bugger all about FS. It's only because I used to work in a bank that I absolutely knew I was right. If you're not sure of your position and cant find a solicitor to use then contact Citizens Advice. Is it the same issue I had, Right of First Appropriation, or something else with them?
  3. I'll post the court papers asap but no they dont know the driver.
  4. Already done that earlier in the thread honeybee, Trethowans.
  5. I've now received court papers for the fine plus costs.
  6. Long story short. After years arguing with RBS I took my complaint to the Ombudsman. This was initially thrown out but I knew I was right so appealed and won. It's worth knowing that the Ombudsmans caseload is filtered by minions who know nothing about Financial Services and are clearly there just to deter people. the RBS had to refund charges, pay compensation etc the main issue led to other financial problems which led to court action which led to my credit rating being stuffed. The FOS say they have no jurisdiction over the Courts so I need to take independent legal action. Does anyone know of a solicitors who will pursue the banks? Thanks
  7. Interesting note that pops up when you go to 'ignore' in my previous comment.
  8. Latest letter from Trethowans. I assume where they say they are entitled to take action against the keeper because they have no record of the driver is incorrect? I've had no response to my previous complaint to the DVLA so I will also follow that up. Continue to ignore Trethowans? Thanks
  9. To be clear: I complain again to the DVLA and go through their procedures before taking it to the ICO or go straight to ICO now? Also I haven't responded to Trethowans yet as I was waiting on the DVLA. Should I reply to them along the lines of previous comments and mention the DVLA complaint so they can see I'm not walking away from this?
  10. Hi, obviously not much in the way of help or information in the DVLA reply. Assume I should submit another complaint as they suggest? How specific do I need to be in my wording so they can't give another waffling reply, any wording other than what's already been suggested?
  11. Thanks, question asked and will post reply asap.
  12. Is this something to pursue then with the DVLA? If so any suggested wording/points to make?
  13. Thanks guys and to try and answer in sequence of your comments since my post at 10.22: Silverfox there was mention of appeal but for a number of reasons I didn't, so not sure if this was an oversight on my part. BazzaS I see you answered your own point on the dates and appreciate your information and it seems to make sense to reply on the lines of your post at 11.12. ericsbrother do you agree or do you think ignoring for now is best? I think replying as BazzasS says shows I know whats what (thanks to you guys) and they may just cease without further court threats etc? And yes ericsbrother I have been on to DVLA but have had no response yet. I'll chase it up but think they're still within their reply by time frame to my complaint. I see in that last comment you say dont respond to them until I know what DVLA say and then reply as BazzaS says with additional comment based on DVLA? Thanks again everyone, just too busy to look into this myself so all your help is massive.
  14. Reply from Trethowans received today. Action/response?
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