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  1. Hi anyone that can advise! In June 2016 I got clamped for having no road tax. I realised I hadn't renewed it since moving address, I paid the Road Tax & Clamping Fine immediately. I did update my License with the DVLA when I moved but forgot to update the vehicle V5C and thus did not receive a reminder letter from DVLA. The period I was unknowingly driving around without tax for was almost a year. (around June 2015 to 10 June 2016) I got captured on camera 5 times on these dates: £262 for offence on 03/01/16 £329 for offence on 05/03/16 £296 for o
  2. Just wanted to find out what happened in the end. Did you go to court? Pay? I have the same thing. DVLA fined me 5 times before I knew my tax was overdue. I now have a total of £1713 in fines + £100 clamping.
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