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  1. Dear CAG team, I have a query regarding what my holiday entitlement is, as my employer is being evasive when questioned and I feel I may not be the only one with issues of this type. I work as a live in PA to a disabled women, who hired me directly and who pays me herself, not via a payroll company. I work 22 hours every day, (2 hours break), 6 days straight, then I have 8 days off. So basically nearly 2 weeks every month. I am paid my the hour, not salary and I am paid every 4 weeks, not calendar month. The problem reared its head when she told me that I am a pro rata employee and as such, I am only entitled to part time holiday. Basically 14 days instead of 28 days. I am not paid extra for bank holidays, even Christmas, and I am expected to work them. I queried the 14 days a year and was told flat that I an pro rata and that holiday entitlement is calculated on days worked not hours. If you add up the hours I work every week and divide this by a 4 week month, I am doing roughly 66 hours a week which qualifies as full time in anyones book. It got a lot worse as she then offered to pay me holiday to make up , my wages as she didn't need me for one day during my shift and did not want me to be short She then told me that in order to pay me a full days pay for that 24 hour shift she would have to use up 2 days of holiday. If she does this every time I book holiday, I will end up with 7 days! I work alone as does the other PA and have no payroll or HR department to look at this on my behalf. The other lady has never even checked to see if her wages are correct and I have also had problems with her paying my tax, which HMRC are dealing with currently. Can you offer me any advice. even knowing for sure what my holiday entitlement is would be a great help...... Thanks for taking the time to read this
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