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  1. Thanks Andy, I've had a day to get my head round it all and now I'm really frustrated and annoyed with myself but hey ho - life goes on.
  2. Hi all, Well that was an experience! Its a bit hazy but i'll try and remember everything. Sorry for such a long post but I want this to help anyone going into a similar court situation as you really need to be fully prepared and ready for any question. I'm sad to say I lost and judgement was awarded to the claimant. The district judge wouldn't accept the argument that recon agreements can't be used pre 2007 stating that if it wasn't retrospective there would be a footnote in the case of Carey vs HSBC and it would be known to him. He then gave me the opportunit
  3. Hi Andy, it was struck out because they hadn't paid the fee in time then I received a letter from the court saying they'd paid it and it was reinstated giving me a new court date. I haven't heard anything since and it's for Wednesday.
  4. Hello guys, my day in court has come around fast and just wondered if there's anything I should or shouldn't do? I have my witness statement and do I just work through it and just answer the judge as per the statement? I'm worrying the other side will throw legal jargon in and I won't know what to say! Or am I worrying unnecessarily? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, cam
  5. I was reading various forums and the general theme seemed to be to report it to the CRA. I don't suppose I'd get any joy complaining to Hoist would I?
  6. Thanks dx. I've notified Noddle that they are incorrect entries and asked that they remove them. They have replied by stating they will contact the creditor so I'll see what happens.
  7. Hoist have put both claims on my credit file with noddle, with the totals including the interest they are claiming and the default dates as recent as last month. Can they do this without actually getting a judgement?
  8. Hi Andy, yes I sent it on the 9th before i got the letter saying it had been struck out on the 10th! Sent to both the court and claimants solicitor.
  9. Hi all, I've had a letter stating 'it is ordered that the claim be reinstated due to the claimant having paid the hearing fee' and its now listed for a hearing in August. Looks like we're back on then!!
  10. Morning guys, I've received a letter today from court saying the claim has been struck out as the claimant has failed to pay the hearing fee. I can't believe they bothered to send a witness statement last week when they had no intention of going to the hearing. Does the clock start again for statute barred or can they pick up this claim again in the future? Thanks, cam
  11. Thats all done, can they do anything for it being a day late or will that be ok? Thanks again
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