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  1. I raised this with the SFO because I am one of many people mistreated by Concentrix but really how many of the hundreds if not thousands of people mistreated by them were mistreated by illegally altering records or illegally abusing info they had no right to use/access. Also HMRC I would assume have copys of the records/forms we sent to them, the chap at HMRC clearly stated that the records were altered by Concentrix . So I would assume that the record copys of HMRC still hold the correct information so their records would be right, how else could he confidently state what he did unless he compared the HMRC copy of the form with the Concentrix copy of the form. And again assumption on my part that I would not be the only single person in this who has had records altered to fit with the Concentrix view of how things should be. Also I can not confirm the SFO are looking at it I simply passed on the details I have got over to them. To appeal the decision through the Concentrix channels would just get this fraud swept under the carpet never to rear it's head as at the eleventh hour they would simply hold up their hands and claim a mistake was made and reinstate the work tax credit. This way if it is more widespread than one individual form then hopefully it will be brought into the light of day for all to see.
  2. Some time ago my partner and myself received a letter from HMRC stating that we were no longer entitled to claim working tax credit due to information from Concentrix, we had never heard of Concentrix at this point. Apparently the information that was disallowing us from claiming was that on the forms submitted it states I worked just 5 hours per week last year 2015. The forms we submitted did not state 5 hours / week but rather 30 plus hours per week, concerned by this I got in touch with HMRC through the HMRC website online chat system and an employee at HMRC informed us that Concentrix in Belfast had made the alteration to the form The action taken by Concentrix is clearly fraudulent, so that information has been passed on to the serious fraud office in London. I spoke to a solicitor who said yes I did have a case and yes he would pursue that case when I could get the £200/hour fee he would charge for handleing the case, sadly I do have that kind of money at this time mostly due to being off work with a serious gastric disorder, and as I am no longer entitled to work tax credit due to Concentrix fraudulent action I am also no longer allowed free prescriptions which meant last week I had to go without medication as we could not afford to get the precription filled at that time. The solicitor suggested I get a group of people together who have also been mis-treated by Concentrix in order to begin a class action lawsuit against them but I have no idea how to go about that currently so am looking around for advise on how I can either get enough people together to get that underway or alternatively find a kind wealthy person to support a private case. If you think that Concentrix have mis-used information to make a case against you or outright changed information you sent them the number for the serious fraud office is... 02072397272. The more people who kick up a fuss about this company and the methods they use then the sooner these issues can be dealt with properly and this company brought to rights.
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