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  1. Yes I do basildon magistrates court. I will give Peterborough a call. Thank you
  2. I asked for a payment card through the TV salesperson as he asked how I would like to continue with payments. I said weekly with a payment card. He then said he will get one sent through the post. I never received this and completely forgot about it. I have since got a tv license card and I am paying weekly.
  3. I didn't sounds so stupid now but I honestly was the last thing on my mind with what has been going on
  4. I never received a notice of fines or a further steps notice and I didn't go to court as I was in the hospital with my mum at the time who had a stroke. I wasn't able to set up a DD as my bank has changed to not be able to DD due to working with step change they asked me to change banks. I did ask for a payment card to be sent out. I also only have 2 tvs in the house not much else, my mobile I need for work as a support worker and my sofa is on HP with homebuy what else would they be taking?? The bailiff on the call said he will be taking everything he can when I said I have nothing he said you will have even less when I'm finished
  5. Hello, I stupidly declared on the doorstep with the TV licensing that I had been using a tv without a license for a month due to changing banks and not setting up a DD, I have then received a letter from marstons saying I had 7 days to pay £490 pounds or they would send an enforcement officer round to collect goods. I tried to set up a payment plan but they wanted the full amount or £130 a week. I told them I was unable to afford this as I'm a single parent of 2 with a low income I wish I had 130 a week myself. The lady on the phone just told me that the bailiffs will then be sent out rather snotty and put the phone down on me. I have since paid off 139 from the debt. Last Friday an enforcement officer turned up at my door and walked straight in. I was at work and my 13 year old son who was staying with a neighbour was outside, my son spoke to him and the bailiff asked him when I was going to be home as he was coming to get our things. He then posted a letter saying he will be back one morning this week, one evening this week , this weekend or today after 7pm. Fees now 560. I got home from work 5/9/16 and a letter had been hand posted saying he will be back with a locksmith and will enter if I'm in the premises or not. I called the baillif and asked to set up a payment plan and was told that he wasn't able to do that. And he will be round one morning this week to collect goods. My kids are petrified he will come in when they are asleep and also when they are getting ready for school, I can't sleep myself and I just don't know what I'm supposed to do. I want to pay the debt but I can't afford what they are wanting. I think I'm actually going mental please help me
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