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  1. Hi, Apologise, the date I sent the letter and email with letter attached was 29.08.16, had a reply on the 28.08.16 from the gym saying they couldn't cancel the membership as it was a 12 month membership. They also said in their reply that as I had signed the contract i had agreed to these terms. I knew I hadn't signed any contract and so asked them for a copy of my signed contract. A couple of days later they replied saying "I am unable to locate your signed paper work in the office after change of management, ..." I will cancel the DD this weekend
  2. Hi, I never saw any T&C's, not at the Gym or online and I certainly didn't click anything. The membership is only £40, I haven't been for the last 3 months as I've been working away in Cardiff. Nearest Anytime Fitness to where I work is 40 Miles away In Bristol. Now it's not the fact that I have to pay, more the fact that the Manager of the gym has been belligerent and I don't see why I should continue paying when I have given a months notice as I was told when I signed up. No if I had been told it was a 12 month contract I would not have joined as I didn't know what was hap
  3. I joined Anytime Fitness Stroud November 2015. Now due to me working away I am unable to go to the gym, or at least that gym and Anytime Fitness do not have any gyms close to where I am working. When I joined I knew there was a possibility that I might be working away, so I asked how much notice I would need to give to cancel the membership. I was told 1 month. At no time was I told it was a 12 month contract. I gave my bank details to set up a DD, but was never given a contract to sign. I was told that they didn't have access to the contracts at the time but I would sign one next time I
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