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  1. I would be very gratefull if you could and thankyou. I have decided you need not send me any EMAILS because of legal stuff but thankyou anyway
  2. a gentleman who had his caravan for two months checked with th NCC and sand le mere are not members according to the NCC
  3. yes I know this but stupidly we listend to the sales team and they were well aware that we needed residential
  4. I thank you for the links and will read them carefully, the problem we have found is they sold us the lodge knowing we were residential ( even though they wont admit it ) its now turned in to a holiday lodge, we have seen people leave the site in tears because they have lost so much this is why I am determined to do something about this. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has had a bad deal on this park. regards
  5. its in the contract to involve the park, they have given false information on price and fees and yes we have got proof and yes they did say we could live in the lodge but it turns out you can't live in it at any time, we are lucky that we saved all relavent paperwork and evidence and paperwork relating to the offer on the residential one.
  6. thankyou for your reply, we have tried to sell privately we have to involve the park we have no choice, when this happens they block the sale and offer a caravan or lodge instead. when we purchased the lodge we had made an offer on a residential property on the park the salesmen talked us out of purchasing this and said you can live in one of our lodges the only thing we did was to believe the salesman a mistake that has cost me about £50k I know I am unlikely to get this back but if I can stop this happening to anyone else I will be happy.
  7. we bought a lodge to live in was informed by holiday site this was ok, we spent £82k on this my life savings this was in November 2015. since this happened I have been diagnosed with primary progressive m.s and decided to sell up and return home to Huddersfield. we informed the site and they have said they will buy it back for £37000 clearly we are all in the wrong business, since this happened we have found out how much they do this I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has purchased anything on sand le mere park in tunstall hull and h
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