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  1. I know there are a few threads on this topic but none really answers my question. Here's my scenario. I had a Goldfish credit card between approx 1998 & 2001 when I closed the account. I have found an old statement which details a PPI payment. I know Goldfish was taken over by various groups since that time. The back of the statement has a change of address section & details HFC Bank as the authority to whom change of address details should be sent to. I assume this means that HFC Bank owned Goldfish at this time... So, should I be sending an SAR letter to H
  2. ..ah, I see I have 120 days. Thanks for the advice.
  3. I could try that. Transaction was over 3 months ago though - the claims process has been very drawn out; like getting blood out of a stone.
  4. Debit Card. The options were BACS transfer (for which they deduct £10) or PrePay where the full amount is refunded. Or not, in fact, because PrePay is in fact just a parcel 2 go credit account. This was not clear & now it appears my choice is now cast in stone & they won't even do the BACS transfer. I now have £175 of credit with a bunch of cowboys I wouldn't want to touch with a bargepole.
  5. In short, I've gone through a very protracted process lasting 3 months to get a claim for £175 approved. Once approved I went to their site & was presented with 2 options to get my refund - 1 was for a BACS transfer, the other PrePay. I accidentally clicked PrePay not realising it just gives me credit to use their lousy service. I tried the online chat but the woman I spoke to was really unhelpful & said there was nothing she could do about it & it couldn't be changed. I just want my money back & this has been dragging on for 3 months. Anyone got any advi
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