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  1. Hello, need in help in understanding what a mortgage contract is. When I applied for a mortgage. 1. I signed the mortgage application form 2. I signed a mortgage deed 3. I signed the mortgage offer acceptance ( there was also a printed signature of someone from the lender) 4. My solicitor signed the title deed ( not sure what a title deed is and why the solicitor would sign this and not me) Are all these documents a mortgage contract. In a contract law I remember from school there has to be an offer, acceptance and consideration - is this the same for a mortgage? Bit confused as to what is the mortgage contract is, is it all the above ? Why did the solicitor signed the Title Deed. Should I have signed the title deed. There is nothing on any of these to say this is the mortgage contract. I have also read that 8 out of 10 mortgages are securitised, bundled and then sold on, how can that be without my consent? and if so surely the lender would tell you this and notify of this when they did this ? or is this the norm? any help in answering the above greatly appreciated. Kind regards
  2. Does your mortgage completion happen before you sign your mortgage deed. My mortgage completed on 14th Dec but I did not sign the mortgage deed until the 21st Dec. I was charged interest from the 14th Dec. just wondering if the mortgage deed needs to be signed before the mortgage completion? Cannot find any reference to what happens first or If it makes any difference. Also the Title deeds were not registered with the Land register until the following June, is this normal ?
  3. Hi I do not want to add names of organisations as I know they check this website. History of this can be seen on (can't post the link but if you search posts under my user name you will see) Please if you reply, do not put the names of the organisations. Lets just say lender A sold by debt to dca B who has now sold the debt to dca C. Dca C now wants to take me to court and have a CCJ put against me, I did a SAR request to dca B and in the reply there was one line "please close the valuer claim and proceed with possible claim against the solicitor" I asked for more details, they replied saying "We cannot comment further on this as this information has been redacted in accordance with our legal privilege , as per the exemptions allowed in the Data Protection Act. I want to know if there is anyway of getting more information about what happened about the claim against the valuer why they decided to close this and what happen against the possible claim against the solicitor. Also included in the SAR docs I received were retrospective valuations done for the property and these show the property was over valued by 100K. The information received 1. the retrospective surveys - prove the property was overvalued by 100K 2 The notes about the claim against the valuer and possible claim against the solicitor show there was a fraud that took place. Thanks
  4. I made a SAR request to lender over a disputed debt which has now been sold on to a DCA. I received a lot of paper work, a lot duplicated. The disputed debt is for an over valuation of a mortgage by the lender's surveyor and the fraudulent actions of the conveyancing solicitor. The notes I received, show the following line which I want more information on are - "please close the valuer claim and proceed with possible claim against the solicitor" I asked for more details, they replied saying "We cannot comment further on this as this information has been redacted in accordance with our legal privilege , as per the exemptions allowed in the Data Protection Act. I can confirm that we have provided to you all data that we are required to under the right of subject as per the aforementioned legislation" Does anyone know how I can get more information from my lender about the claims against the valuer and solicitor? All help greatly appreciated. Also Is there any questions I can ask indirectly to find out if this mortgage was ever securitised. Is there any way to find out if this mortgage was securitised ? Kind regards
  5. Wave lending sold the debt to Webb resolutions in 2010. In July 2012 1st Credit offered on behalf of Web resolutions offered me a discount if I paid the full amount. My solicitor told them that this is not acceptable by me and we will be pursuing the solicitor's indemnifying insurers - clearly tell them we are in dispute of this debt. This year in August, Webb Resolution sold the debt without asking me if there have been any further progress with this debt, they sold this debt to TBI Financial Services. Can they do this while still in dispute ?
  6. The solicitor was registered and has been struck off. They were involved with other fraudulent activities. My solicitor did try to make a claim against the indemnifying insurers but was told that the insurance does not cover fraudulent activities done knowingly. I will contact the Law society myself and seek advice about any safe guards fro clients against fraud done knowingly. The solicitor's was a LLP and part of no partnership or part of a company. I will contact the FCA and seek advice. I did go to the police when this was discovered and they told me that this was a civil case may ask them to pursue this further. How do I deal with the DCA? they just want payment/settlement of the debt. If they debt company have purchased the debt, do they need me to agree to the debt being purchased? do I need to sign anything ? This debt is really getting me down, I can't sleep. eat, think straight.
  7. I need some advice as to what I should do... here are the details of my situation. I purchased in to a property scheme run by a vendor in Nov 2008 , where you pay the vendor £2000 and for this they find a buy to let property for you where the rent covers the mortgage payment , the vendor takes care of the purchase of the property, they take care of the solicitor, all the management, (renting, any bills) all bills after two years you have the option to sell the property or to continue to use their services. The Solicitor used was in this with the vendor, the valuation from the surveyor showed that the property was worth more than what I was paying After three months after purchasing the property, the rents stopped coming in I started to chase the vendor who told me they were having some cash flow problems and I will get the rents to cover the mortgage, this went on for a two to three months and soon the vendor had disappeared. I visited the property I had purchased and asked the tenant for the rent and to pay me directly, and found out that that the rent came very short of the monthly mortgage payment , I got a local estate to come and value the property and they valued it less than £120K of the purchase price. I went to the police and told them about this, they said there is nothing they can do as this is a civil case I then instructed a solicitor to investigate and their findings showed that the property was bought and sold in a very short period less than a month, where the price sold at was over inflated by 120k, without any work done to the property. I told the mortgage company and told them there is no way I can afford the to pay the mortgage, this was around June 2009, The mortgage company repossessed the property and sold it in 2010, this is where the shortfall of 110K is. The conveyancing solicitor was part of a fraud, the solicitor is now no longer around, they were an LLP and I have tried to take them to court and sue them and claim damages from their indemnity insurance, but the indemnity insurers have said they will not cover this as this was a fraudulent act intentionally done by the solicitor. Now the bank has passed the debt to a number of debt collectors , this is the third one who is contacting me. To make things even worse, at the time, back in 2008 I actually bought three properties via this vendor, so I actually have three mortgage shortfalls that I need to deal with. I have been living with a lot of stress ever since this has happened, it is really getting me down, has affected my whole life, mentally, physically, affecting my family. I feel I have been let down by the whole system, I purchased these properties in good faith, thinking this will be an investment for the future but in reality it has been nothing but a nightmare. I need to find out what I can do to stop the debt or not pay the shortfall the debt collectors are asking for. Can anyone help and point me in the right direction
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