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  1. how is the 8% gross intrest worked out from the award ?.



    if you look at the scanned offer letter,

    the calc seems correct but how should the intrest be worked out.


    £61.60 was the cost of the PPi and according to spreadsheet £0.41p was added as 8% simple intrest. bringing total award to£62.16.


    FosRunning sheet

    intrest rate on card was 0%

    nowhere on date i can see where to enter claim to date


    i have attached a gif


  2. Yeah should be here by 26sep if barclays still on form.


    Sent rbs one off today as well .


    Will be sending mbna theirs tomorrow as well.


    And the one that's really been bad to me even tho I been with them 30 odd years HSBC.


    Will look at past loan ppi they repaid few years ago and current claims for credit card ppi and packaged account.


    Sar'd them as well. Will be making a donation soon as possible. Wish I discovered cag before I made the claims.

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