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  1. no its good to be made to do it yourself , i will check others now. it is how i make people learn myself
  2. Looks like RBS have been honest. the calc works out bang on/ got me mbna sar aswell, will report that on the mbna thread i have started. excel was set to usa.
  3. there was no intrest ever charged on the account all the figs are correct aswell in monthly and card balance and correespond with statements. if you look at the offer letter, the TOTAL REFUND DUE matches with the calcs i worked out at £61.60 what i am asking is the 8% simple intrest awarded correct as per the offer letter (£58.63 gross) ?
  4. how is the 8% gross intrest worked out from the award ?. if you look at the scanned offer letter, the calc seems correct but how should the intrest be worked out. £61.60 was the cost of the PPi and according to spreadsheet £0.41p was added as 8% simple intrest. bringing total award to£62.16. FosRunning sheet intrest rate on card was 0% nowhere on date i can see where to enter claim to date i have attached a gif
  5. right according to calc, 62.16 is the award calculation. i only had this card for 10 months. now .
  6. thanks for the fast reply, let me see if i can work this out. just about to start entering the data
  7. hi guys, finally got the statements from rbs whats the next steps in working out if i have ben paid the correct amount?
  8. Yeah should be here by 26sep if barclays still on form. Sent rbs one off today as well . Will be sending mbna theirs tomorrow as well. And the one that's really been bad to me even tho I been with them 30 odd years HSBC. Will look at past loan ppi they repaid few years ago and current claims for credit card ppi and packaged account. Sar'd them as well. Will be making a donation soon as possible. Wish I discovered cag before I made the claims.
  9. They paid within 9 days of me logging complaint. I was very surprised. Still sar'd them to make sure they done maths
  10. Yeah in hindsight I should have sar'd all of them first. Live and learn. Will be sar all of them now. Not signed any acceptance letters etc. Barclsys just paid me very quick.
  11. Asking them for calcs in am. Else sar them as well. Had to mess about enough to get to this stage with rbs. Thanks as always
  12. Yeah I've had a payout from barclays before I discovered cag. There sar deadline is coming up. Hoping they have been honest. Also mbna as above. I've read some of the past horror stories on here
  13. Hopefully mbna redress honestly. Tbh they have now said I've got ppi on an account they first said that never had it. See what happens after the 12th. See if they need to be sar'd . Will ask for the sheet versions etc etc
  14. Had another letter saying will let me know by 12th October of any decision.on all accounts
  15. sorry still new to this ppi stuff? is this offer right? i have scanned in the details as pdf. rbsoffer.pdf
  16. Yeah that's what I thought. The sat should be here soon. Will update once that arrives Thanks again
  17. here is the letter i just picked up from my other address. this was sent when they paid out. is this the standard letter ?. the part saying i got more then i would have??? thanks barclayscomp.pdf
  18. I currently have a a complaint with HSBC. They said they investigating and I've sent back the questionaire. Will post progress as I receive.....thanks
  19. Spoke to mbna. They are all separate account and not linked.
  20. Yeah I will do. Will keep thread updated Thanks for your time and reply. Appreciated
  21. Funnily enough I already submitted a sae request to barclays . Soon as I hear anything will update the thread. Thanks once again
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