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  1. After nothing since last October, first a letter and now a phone call from Allied International Credit (AIC). They told me the debt had been passed to them from Erudio/Capquest - I've just told them to do one and send any future correspondence in writing. Right course of action?
  2. Cheers. Struggling for time now, will have to sort it over the weekend.
  3. This should be fun, not sure how to do it and haven't got a clue where to start.
  4. I've received a letter this morning from CAG headed Letter Before Action. In it, they've enclosed copies relevant to the debt of the letter of engagement and the invoice. They go on to say to ensure I need to show intention to repay the debt within the next 21 days before legal action including a possible CCJ is made against me - they also bring up that this will incur a further claim for interest at ...% and costs. They go on to say it is their intention to go down this round without further notice to myself. What should I do?
  5. More calls from CAG both to me (which I ignored) and now to where I work (they previously didn't have the number). Can I give them a .. And get them to take the number of their records or are they allowed to do this?
  6. Does this mean they already have or about to go to court?
  7. Again, for clarity. Shall I continue to ignore the phone calls (had 3 so far this week) regarding the debt as it's been longer than 6 years? Or shall I write to them asking them to stop mithering me for a debt that is now statute barred? I don't want to go down the CCJ route either which they'd previously been citing - do you think they'd go down that route for a £125 debt?
  8. I'll leave it be completely then - just want to know the right course of action. The conversation with them a few weeks back went as far as these student loans are almost 20 years old and under debt guidelines are statute barred so you (Capquest) can whistle chasing the money now. I hadn't spoken to anyone on here prior to that point, that's why I did to get a better legal understanding.
  9. Cheers, I'll put something in writing in the next few days inviting them down that route if they wish to proceed any further. I don't want to appear as though I'm being rude or taking the p*** in the letter, just do something short, concise and to the point and then that being an end to the matter.
  10. That was the info I needed for clarity. I've had a look on my credit file and the CCJ is 100% not there (11 years ago) but when their rep rang the other week he said the amount of £1,600 relating to that CCJ was still owed to them (passed over from Erudio) despite the CCJ no longer being there. I'd have thought they could be willing to go after the debt through the courts seeing as it was for a substantial amount. I've no problem righting the letter but just concerned that all this will blow up again when I've finally got back on a relatively stable financial footing.
  11. This in spite of their attempts over the years to chase me for the money? The reason I ask was the last conversation was with someone from their 'legal' team saying they were going down the court/CCJ route next if I continued to ignore. I've seen first hand a mate last week have to pay back almost £400 over non-payment of parking fines. They'd left and left it (about 3/4 years) and the bailiffs were stood in her living room last week ready to walk out with the TV/hi-fi, etc...
  12. I've received a letter from Capquest informing me that they had previously written to me on 25/08 stating that they would be managing the student loan account now as opposed to Erudio Student Loans. A lot of spiel on them about setting up a payment plan blah, blah, blah of which I have no intention of setting up. I'm going to reply in writing but just need a bit of guidance legally. I've checked on my credit file and the CCJ relating to the account is definitely not there and been removed and neither is the initial loan which was defaulted on (both longer than 6 years). I'd imagine they will write to me again trying to pressure me saying payments need to be made on the initial CCJ (2005) and that the outstanding balance still stands (they said that in the conversation last week). For clarity, do I just throw up the complete statute barred legal argument as it's not their original loan and they have not been registered as the claimant on the CCJ?
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