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  1. Good afternoon,


    First post on here and it might be a long one. I am in a bad situation with a car I brought, and need some help :)


    At the end of July I brought a used car from a company in Derby (I live in Dorset) everything was great, easy to talk to etc etc could not be more helpful.


    On the 14/08 I noticed a massive rise in running temp, i assumed faulty water pump etc, called the trader they said we need a proper diagnosis, this was done at my expense and the mechanic confirmed the head gasket had gone called them, told to get quotes for repairs again, in my time and at my expense I did this cheapest quote I got was £1200 (Boxer engine) they then said they wont pay this and to ship the car back to them for repair.


    I did this, this time costing me £265 and half a day off of work to get it picked up. it arrived to them 01/09 since then they have had it in for inspection to see whats wrong with it (not like that was already done!) and it is still being inspected... I am no mechanic but when you see water and oil mixing in the reservoir its pretty obvious.


    We were told to call Saturday afternoon to find out what was wrong and a lead time, we called at 1315 and was told they workshop had gone home and to call back Monday morning. We called got told to call back Wednesday... I sent an email to the owner who has said he will get back to me either today or tomorrow morning. That is the current state of affairs


    Here is a log of emails I have sent and responses I have got...


    23/07 firrst email sent regarding the car problems no reply

    24/08 email sent to owner of company as we could not get him on the phone, with quote

    24/08 *reply asking for car to be sent to them

    30/08 email sent saying car will be picked up 31/08 delivery 01/09

    01/09 email sent asking for lead time

    05/09 email sent asking for lead time

    05/09 *angry email from owner saying he will get back to me


    What should I do about this? My wife is about 10 days off giving birth and were about 20mins drive away from the hospital with no car!

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