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  1. Hi Ford, yes robway sent me a letter stating that they had halted proceedings while they contact Tesco for the information. After all this time they have sent me a photocopy of the signed application form but it is completely illegible, which they somewhat admit to in their letter and tell me to contact Tesco if I have any queries with it. They have also attached a computer print out of all payments which puts my last payment to Tesco in Sept 2012 which means the debt will be statute barred in a few months. They have given me 30 days to respond. What do you think I shou
  2. Robinson Way have acknowledged receipt of my letter and are halting proceedings whilst they respond.
  3. Hi DX, it was for six separate credit cards; Morgan Stanley; mint; barclaycard; household bank; marbles and egg. S
  4. Hi DX, yes it is RBS. The loan was to consolidate other credit cards. I'm pretty sure there is no PPI as a remember asking them to remove it. I also managed to negotiate a freeze on all interest and charges so I don't think there is anything there to claim back either. The interest and fees that I was referring to in my first post is purely what Howard Cohen are threatening me with if this goes to court. I will try to get a PDF of the agreement over to you later today. S
  5. Hi dx100uk, thanks for the quick reply. Yes I have got a CCA from a previous DCA and it seems as though it's all there. I have kept everything that I have ever received but not sure if I got everything that I have ever been sent as I did move house a couple of times. I figured that when I did not receive a response to my offer acceptance letter that it was just a ploy for them to get me to acknowledge the debt thus restarting the SB clock! I hope you are right and that this is just a threat. Regards Sleepy
  6. HPH2 LTD/ROBINSON WAY/ EX TESCO DEBT Hello, thank you in advance to anyone that can help. 1. In May 2005 I took out a £12k consolidation loan over 3 years. 2. In 2007 I ran into money problems and entered into an agreement to pay less per month. 3. By 2008 I lost my job and defaulted on several payments eventually I just stopped paying anything. 4. The account passed through several DCA’s and I tried to negotiate a reduced FFS figure several times however they always wanted more than I could afford so I paid my other debts instead. 5. The last payment I made
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