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  1. Pattern of returned goods: Motherboard - returned to retailer who sent it back to manufacturer, this was repaired and returned working. No further faults. Graphics card - returned to retailer who sent it back to manufacturer (30 day turnaround each time), they repaired it and retailer tested it and sent it back. Fault returned after short period of time. Graphics card - returned to retailer as per above, sent back to manufacturer again, returned back to me untested by retailer and fault was still there. Sent back to manufacturer again by retailer. In total I'd say the faulty parts have been with the retailer/manufacturer for 4-5 months and are still only a year old at this point.
  2. Just to add: the parts are computer parts. The motherboard has been sent back once and the graphics card returned 3 times in total to the retailer. The graphics card is a GTX970 which has been in the news for being mis-sold on its spec although the retailer told me this only applies as a class action suit in the US.
  3. Hi all, I'm new here but I'd firstly like to thank those who put the time in to advise others I feel like I'm being taken for a fool by a company after numerous faults to electronic goods I purchased online, I'm based in NI and the retailer is in England. I spent £1200 on goods from the company, only for 2 of the parts to need sent back to manufacturer for repairs within the first 6 months of having them. One of the parts has now been returned 3 times to the retailer, giving a total 4 returns within a 12 month period. The retailer is refusing to replace one of the parts which has been sent back 3 times, I don't feel I should have to settle for repaired goods especially within the first 6 months given that they were purchased brand new. I was given an excuse that because I paid them off on credit I am treated differently. Everything has been paid in full already, so I'm in debt to no-one. Their customer services director ignored my e-mails for 6 weeks despite phone calls and promises of a reply. So far she has offered me 3 months extension on my warranty for these parts which I don't think is acceptable at all given the inconvenience I've went through. At the moment they still have one of the parts and I've been using a loan unit for the past 2 months or more. Could someone advise what I should be entitled to? I don't want to get my information mixed up from what I've read on google. Thanks!
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