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  1. Not sure if this should be in this thread or in a separate thread: Still awaiting response re when PWE accessed my personal data from DVLA but a response from DVLA to a separate request has given me the following information (copied and pasted from DVLA reply) DVLA has processed 18,489 requests for vehicle keeper details from Park with Ease Ltd between 14 March 2014 (when they became a member of an appropriate Accredited Trade Association) and 7 September 2016.
  2. Hope you are right in terms of "donations"..thanks again for support and advice
  3. Speechless? Totally confused ? For anyone checking out the thread for a solution to their own issues –a briefish summary. To those who have replied and offered support and advice - just flip to third from last paragraph and laugh 2/9/16 – receive charge from PWE (dated 24th August) for non payment of parking at Brockholes nature reserve Preston on 9th August: 2/9/16 immediately sent off email informing them that I had parked and paid £6 (max daily charge) 2/9/16 as I cannot know whether emails have been delivered or not – also sent letter (paid for it to be signed for – missed post that day so will left here 3/9/16 delivered 6/9/16) 2/9/16 – joined this forum and learned that I had done everything wrong as NTK was out of time anyway! Sat 3/9/16 Phoned Brockholes Nature reserve – told by polite and apparently sympathetic member of staff that Park With Ease is an Ethical Company but she will look into it. In the meantime I should follow instructions for PWE re appeals procedure (which I had already done) Sunday 4/9/16 (10.01pm) email response from PWE Thank you for your email. We have checked the records and there is no payment made against your registration. Due to this we cannot accept your appeal Monday 5/9/16 Phone Brockholes Nature Reserve again – very upset – told employee I wanted print outs from pay machine showing all registrations that day + any CCTV footage available. Employee told me she would look into it and ring me back – she did so 5 minutes later and informed me that a registration very similar to mine had paid full amount. Monday 5/9/16 – re- emailed Park With Ease with above information – also explained why I might have made error - new car to me/young children locked in car a few hundred metres away/ took me some time to find pay machine/etc Initially got automated response Monday 5/9/16 10.46 pm (they certainly work late hours!) got response …. The registration is not similar to your vehicle however we will on this occasion cancel your charge. ….. Happy … tell forum all is done and dusted – even though I didn’t like their reply. Monday 12/9/16 receive letter from PWE dated 7th September (ie 2 days after they had cancelled charges by email) saying charges now outstanding and I need to act within 14 days to prevent legal action Panic sets in – prepare for unpleasant court action – even though I believe I am in the right. Friday 16/9/16 receive letter from PWE dated 12/9/16 Having checked the payments made we can see your payment of the correct amount against the right registration we can only assume that there was a system communication error at the time. Please accept our sincere apologies. We have cancelled the charge. Talk about left hand not knowing what right hand is doing –so according to PWE firstly, no payment matches my reg/ Brockholes say a similar reg made right payment, now PWE say right payment against right reg… . so in the end they are inadvertently saying have got my details from DVLA under false pretences. I do hope this is now a final goodbye to this thread and very big thankyou to the forum for your help and support – but I will be keeping copies of all papers for a long, long time – and in meantime still awaiting replies to my letters to Brockholes itself/parent charity – Lancashire Wildlife Trust and the DVLA. (Trading Standards phoned me in response to my letter) Just an end note – wondering if the general lack of support from Brockholes to similar complaints over last few years is because they get a cut of the charges in terms of “donations”
  4. So if car park in question was in England but I live in Scotland - what happens?
  5. Have no desire to waste time with a court but fortunately at my age a CCJ would mean nothing to me (past age of needing mortgage or credit) and anyway I do think a sheriff;s court (as we have up here) is most appropriate for cowboys. Doubt any of them actually realise where I live - rather remote - up here a road block is a flock of sheep or a herd of cows (can be arranged:-) but I did not jest when I said the BBC quite like quaint events up here - will have to prime friends of friends - and of course the BBC have done several programmes on radio and TV on this contentious issue. Never an issue up here - only 2 paying car parks within 130 miles that I know of - council owned simple pay and display.
  6. When you say "issue a claim" do you mean, let them take me to court? I haven't gone down the IAS route - seems to be a farce from what I have read here and PWE sent me the email cancelling the charge anyway. Given that the right hand does not seem to know what the left hand is doing (in what appears to be little more than a one man band, so there can't be that many right hands or left hands.). what should I expect their next move to be?
  7. Oh dear Oh dear....their email "cancelling" the invoice received Monday 5th September but a further invoice dated 7th September has been sent out claiming: The above charge is now outstanding, payment in full should be made within 14 days to prevent legal action being taken. It is imperative payment is made within 14 days to prevent further action. I intend to print out all emails to them and return with the invoice (copy) and no other comment-- is the the best course of action?
  8. I see that there is some data already publicly available at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/who-dvla-shares-data-with but I do not see PWE listed in the ADD document. maybe I am looking in wrong place or maybe their requests appear under another name
  9. Ah I see, very united they are ----so Davies, John Llewllyn Gladstone -- Director - wouldn't happen to be any relative of gladstones solicitors would he? Wonder if they informed the CTSI of their change of name? - All a bit smoke and mirror - ish.
  10. Just succeeded in getting my Parking Charge Notice cancelled - in the end without having to appeal to IAS... I had paid the correct parking fee but made an error in typing in my vehicle reg. I was grateful not to have to use IAS a) because most forum members think it a waste of time anyway and doomed to failure b) because I didn't want to do an appeal online (slow pc/hangs/freezes/slow internet) I could not find any contact details, email, phone, address for IAS - the contact button takes you a registration page - which I eventually filled in but still failed in registering and still couldn't contact them. Don't need it now but am intrigued....So let's check in Companies House - I can find the BPA, I can find my rogue parking company who shall be nameless for the moment. The only IAS (Independent Appeals Service) I can find was dissolved in 2013. (right geographical area!) I can find nothing for IPC which I understand is Independent Parking Committee. Could they be some type of organisation does not require registering with Companies House? A little more digging has revealed that IAS and IPC are one and the same thing - approved by CTSI - Trading address is 4, the Stables, Red Cow Yard, Knutsford. Email: adr@theias.org, telephone 01565655467 - in case anyone needs it. and guess what? Something I read earlier is quite true - this is just where the solicitors Gladstones reside (the ones who pursue motorists caught by my nameless company) All a tad incestuous methinks
  11. I appreciate that - and also realise that DVLA may claim not to be able to provide the information (being personal it cannot be FOI) but if they did apply within the timescale, they then failed to get it to me within the timescale. It is just a question of accumulating evidence to force them to act according to what they state on their web site: Park with Ease is the UKs ethical parking management system. Its aim is simple; to make parking as simple and fair as possible and eradicate the issues associated with traditional parking systems such as fines and penalties
  12. I am just now planning my further action - have sent an FOI request to DVLA to see if I can find out how many keeper requests PWE ask for. Have also sent DVLA a personal letter (given that info requested is outwith FOI) asking when PWE asked for and received my details (I did this because PWEs initial demand was out of time under Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 but I didn't understand those implications at the time. Also want to know how DVLA can prove that unscrupulous companies do not benefit from getting personal details and using them for purposes other than the reason requested. (not that I hold out hope for any real reassurance there) Will also be writing to Brockholes and LWT including a suggestion that their payment machine should be linked to ANPR - ie if someone makes a mistake - the machine should know that no such vehicle reg was captured on entry and provide a message like: "sorry that registration has been entered incorrectly, please try again" Additionally will ask Brockholes and LWT how they can ignore what appear to be a huge number of complaints about the system. Possibly write to MP to encourage him to raise or support the issue. and so on and so forth until I get fed up.. .one of the great advantages of being retired is that I can make time to fight injustice. I feel for those who just cannot fight for whatever reason.
  13. recived email from PWE Thank you for your email. The registration is not similar to your vehicle however we will on this occasion cancel your charge. Should this happen again the charge will not be cancelled I consider the reply to be lacking in grace and inappropriate for an ethical company's response to a genuine human error - had their response been nicer I would have been more appreciative and apologetic for my stupid but understandable error. I know how similar the reg was because a brockholes employee told me exactly which letters coincided so PWE take that and stuff it where you want-- and any court would have accepted the similarity as well you know.. PWE if you are trawling these forums as I believe you are.. Your systems are very flawed. Your concept of ethics does not coincide with mine. On the other hand many many thanks to whoever set up this forum and to the members who provided me with support and advice.
  14. Replied to PWE as suggested and got automated reply: Thank You for contacting Park With Ease. We aim to deal with all appeals within 7 days. Please note that all appeals are dealt with via email or in writing we cannot discuss appeals by phone There does not appear to be another email address for communications so I shall have to wait and see if they respond. In the meantime, if I have to make an appeal – this is difficult. IAS seem to only work online – cannot see and address, email address or telephone number. I treid clicking on their “contact button” – this encouraged me to register – reluctantly I did so and was told an email verification would be sent. I got a password reset email. Tried to log on anyway – got message saying I need to respond to the email verification message, which I haven’t received. (yes I checked spam folder) I am reluctant to do anything of this importance online because I have an old slow computer working on an outdated windows system (vista), living in an area of poor internet connection. My connection sometimes “times out” before I can complete complicated forms. Even this message – is being typed in Word and will be copied and pasted to avoid being time out. Will see if they respond tomorrow in the meantime preparing my appeal to ISA - then need to be asking advice about this “contract” I inadvertently entered by parking at Brockholes. (already made a small contribution to this website – can see I’ll have to donate more – certainly prefer to pay here than to pay unscrupulous companies claiming to be ethical) OK so I entered a contract on parking – I entered a contract to pay - seems I made an error in typing in my reg number but there can be no doubt that a sum of £6 (max daily fee) was paid to a car registration which probably does not exist (likely to be an accidental mix of my old car and new one – see above if anyone doesn’t follow this). My contract is to pay – surely no court would doubt that I paid so the landowner has received correct amount. Does my contract also include entering my registration number properly if I was not advised on the dangers of making an error? (by the way 20 mins has passed and my pc has frozen on the net – but working perfectly in word – when it does this, I have no way of knowing if it has sent and incomplete and uncorrected message. How can I possibly complete an appeal online GUESS WHAT – WHILE TRYING TO SEND THIS MESSAGE I GOT A MESSAGE FROM THE FORUM WEBSITE Your submission could not be processed because the token has expired. Please reload the window.
  15. Just look at the IAS appeals system - I cannot find any contact details or phone number. I do not want to make an online appeal, I want to do it in writing posted with a requirement for them to sign for it. Can anyone help?
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