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  1. Hi Slick132 1. What date did you first tell the gym about the injury and need to cancel. Mid February 2. What date did you go back in with the Doc's letter. Mid March 3. What date was the DD normally paid each month. End of March 28th Roughly 4. What was the last DD taken by Harlands. June 27th 5. Have you made any attempt yet to get payments back via your bank. NO Also is anyone liable for this extra £80 that i had to fork out for a repeat doctors note? Cheers Slick.
  2. Hi Slick sorry for the delay in replying. Had some great news today. I E mailed the CEO direct. Dear Jon. I was a member of your Gym in Sunderland as of January 2016. I had a back injury in March which unfortunately prevents me from continuing my Gym activity. I got a copy of this from my doctor, went down to the Gym in Sunderland and requested one of your staff to cancel my membership as I couldn’t access the internet at that time. A couple of months later I noticed the direct debit was still being taken from my account, so I cancelled it. I then started receiving text mess
  3. Thanks Bazooka Boo. I was wondering where to send the receipt for the Drs Note to. X4Less or CRS-Harlands.
  4. Hi guys. Just after a little reassurance. I joined my local X4Less around November last year (2015) over the telephone. I was informed at the time that it was a rolling 12 month contract of £9.99, and i could leave if i moved away from the area, was made redundant, medical grounds etc etc... Roll on March 2016. I suffered a back injury and informed the gym of this. They said they needed proof so i went back to the doctors and asked him to give me a note stating i couldn't continue in the gym. I proceeded back down to the gym and presented this to one of the staff behind the counter.
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