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  1. Hi, Basically, I am due back at work after 39 weeks of maternity leave at the end of March. I have been diagnosed with postpartum depression, along with another mental health condition I suffer with. I don't feel I will be ready to return to work at the end of my maternity leave and I know my doctor will sign me off. I am very low and am attending a lot of counselling appointments and also looking after my 4 children as my husband works a lot. My question is regarding sick pay after maternity leave. I understand that there are two phases of maternity leave.. Ordinary (up to 39) and additional (up to 52). The additional you don't get paid for. Can my employer force me to take extra unpaid maternity leave instead of paying me sick pay?? My employer has a company sick pay scheme for the first 6 weeks, then it's SSP. I will not be returning to work after the 39 weeks maternity, just getting signed off straight away. I can't take the extra unpaid maternity leave as we can't afford it, I will need the sick pay. I do want to return to work at some point, just when I am stronger. Many thanks
  2. Thank you for your replies. Yes, I meant IUC! I have read in another old thread the following: 'According to the Social Security Administration Act 1992 s116 (2) there are "strict" time limits on when DWP prosecutions are allowed to proceed. The time limits are that evidence of offence/intention to prosecute should be laid before a magistrate; Within 3 months of sufficient evidence coming to light to prosecute OR Up to 12 months from the committing of the offence, whichever is the latter.' Does anyone know if this is correct or if it relates to housing benefit overpayments too? Many thanks
  3. Hi, we received notification of a housing benefit overpayment of £5500 last November from the council. This arose due to ignorance on our part assuming tax credits informed other authorities about changes in income. We are paying this back every month. Ever since, I have been waiting for a letter inviting us to an ICU, but nothing has arrived as of yet. It has now been 10 months since the council notified us of the overpayment. My question is are there time limits for procescution? I have read somewhere that there is a 3 month or 12 month limit? I was very honest with the council and sent them a letter when we were first notified, so maybe they are not procescuting? It's just the amount involved I assumed there would be an ICU and procescution. If anyone could advise of the law and timescales for procescution that would be much appreciated. I am living in constant fear of that letter! Thank you
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