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  1. Hi New to the forum, please be patient with me. I bought a 2nd hand car for £1000 on Thursday. Car was described as in 'excellent rare condition, with full 12 months MOT, no advisories, good clutch and brakes' Given my ultimate priority is the safety of my children, I took it literally straight into a garage the next day for a full service. Turns out the car is leaking brake fluid and had a worn suspension rod. Naively, I agreed to the repairs, and walked away with a final bill of over £550 for the pleasure. I have spoken to the dealer and explained the situation, and asked him under the circumstances of which he sold me the vehicle, I would like him to reduce the cost to meet me half way and pay towards the repairs. (I asked him for a reduction of £175 which is half, i accepted the cost of the service was down to me) He laughed at me, saying the garage who instigated the repairs have ripped me off, and i have no claim with him. Anyone know where I stand ? I feel quite intimidated, as he 'invited me' to involve trading standards as he was so confident I have no claim to make. Think he saw a young mum with 2 kids and realised I no absolute jack about cars.
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