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  1. Many thanks for all your help. So should I not reply? If they remove it from being stayed, will I get the opportunity to defend on the basis of it being statute barred or will the original defence hold? I'm just worried cos they obviously don't believe it's statute barred.
  2. The CCJ wasn't granted it was put on hold in January awaiting evidence of debt, should I remove the attachments and take out the reference numbers?
  3. Hopefully this worked! Haven't scanned the settlement offer letter but let me know if you want them too Thank you CCA return.pdf
  4. Hi, in the middle of December 2015 I received I letter from Mortimer Clarke Solicitors chasing a debt with Cabot Financial, after searching this site I sent them a prove it letter, heard nothing .... received court papers between Christmas and New year. I submitted a defence saying that I had no knowledge of the debt and has asked the solicitor to provide evidence. Mortimer Clarke wrote to me in late January 2016 saying that they would put action on hold whilst they waited for their client to provide the evidence.Since then I have heard nothing, until last week (8 months later) when I recieved a letter from Mortimer Clarke with the enclosed copy of the CCA of a loan had taken out in 2009 and a statement of account dated March 2016. They have made an offer to reduce the amount owing by 40% and if I agree that it would be a Tomlin order but I have to respond within 14 days. I believe though that this debt is statute barred, the last full payment of this loan was July 2009, they kept trying to take payments and successfully managed to take a token £25 payment from my account on the 10th September 2009 (which I think, based on the statement they have sent, was a charge for writing a letter to me). Since then I have made no payments and not acknowledged the debt in any way. I need to respond back to Mortimer Clarke, can someone tell me if the debt is statute barred and what the procedure would be for the ccj which is currently on hold Many thanks
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