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  1. IN the gym, sorry. Yes, sure that was a month-by-month. I'll do as you say an offer a one month payment. Thanks for your help i will let you kbow how it goes.
  2. The gym is in Reading. I sign up on the gym, i cant remember about T@C signed but probably i did. T@c say that you can cancel a suscription in the first 14 days, but i dint, anyway was not a minimum of payments stated as was a monthly membership
  3. Hi all! Great job what you do here. On February i became a member of Advance Gym, it was a monthly pay membership so i paid the first membership on cash in advance when i started at the gym and i took the introductory session. I didn't like the gym and i cancel the DD and never came back. While after started the letters telling me that i owe 1 month, and after Harlans and CRS, now Spratt Endicott in asking for 156.49. I sent on June a mail to the gym through the web web page and the told me that i breached terms and conditions as i did't gave one month notice. Should i get an agr
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