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  1. Hi All, I purchased Parcel Force 24 hour service for a package to be collected from me on the 21st December for delivery on 24th. It was a bottle of whiskey, inside a gift box, plus three bottles of wine, each separately bubble wrapped. They were then placed in an amazon shipping box with a layer of thick bubble wrap on top and bottom and some shipping paper filling any gaps to restrict movement and sealed with brown packaging tape. On Monday 24th the items were not marked as out for deliver - despite being marked as having arrived at the depot at 2am on the Saturday. I called on Monday afternoon to be told they didn't know why it wasn't out for delivery but would contact the depot to see if someone could go and collect it and would call me back. No one called back. On Thursday 27th I then called again and got transferred to the depot and told by the depot that they could not find the package. They asked for a description and the contents and would call me back. A couple of hours later with no call back I then called again and got told they were looking for it. My parents, who the package was being shipped to, then went to the depot to see if they could collect it. They were handed a box that looks like a box that reems of paper comes in. the box had no bubble wrap and inside was three bottles of wine, still in the sealed gift bags, but no bottle of whisky. When they sent me pictures of what they received I was surprised that it was a completely different box to what I shipped it in. On the 28th I submitted a claim for missing items and had a lengthy conversation with their online chat. Was told they would investigate it and within three hours of the conversation the claim was rejected and marked as "insufficient packaging" No mentioned of the fact it had been repackaged with an item missing and no mention of the multiple phone calls while they supposedly looked for my package only to suddenly find it when my folks showed up at their door? All seemed very suspicious to me and the claim I had not packaged it well enough is complete rubbish. Anyone any idea where I stand on with this? they have already rejected my claim and there doesn't seem to be any way to appeal what appears, to me at least, that someone opened my package and nicked bottle of whiskey out of it and then hurriedly repacked the stuff they didn't want in whatever box they had lying around the office. Thanks for any advice from anyone with some experience with Parcel Force!
  2. Hi All, I was just wondering if I could get some advice. in April this year I received a letter from Lowell requesting £323 for debt to JD Williams. Some history - JD williams (premier man) first contacted me about 3 years ago saying I had out standing debt, at the time I asked them to send me a statement and a copy of my agreement where I agreed to the £12 administration charges on my account. They could not provide them and I never heard from them again. About 2 years ago I heard from another debt collection agency with the same thing, again I asked for a copy of my statement and the agreement - I never heard from them again. Around April this year I heard from Lowell, who had bought the debt from JD Williams and were seeking payment. I informed them I had had this conversation with JD Williams and the other debt agency several years ago and neither of them could provide me with any proof why I owed this money. Lowell have now provided my account statement but have been told by JD williams that I signed up too long ago and they no longer have a copy of the agreement I would have agreed to. Looking at the actual statement it starts in Sept 2009 but there are already charges on it so I assume my account was older than that. Back when JD Williams first contacted me about the outstanding payments my question to them was what the administration charges were for, some months there are two lots of charges, some months one charge, some month no charges. For example, between September 2010 and Sept 2011 - there are 12 admin charges despite making 5 payments of over the minimum required. The last goods I bought were in March 2013, the first in over six months, which is when I noticed all the addition charges and interest and got in touch with them. At that time, I believe, we agreed to a partial payment to cover goods and interest and I paid £102 in August 2013 and I never heard from them again after that, until the debt collectors started calling. Lowell today acknowledged that the admin charges do look strange and dont make sense and that there are some double charges that they will take off and reduce it to £170. As far as I can work out from the statement: Opening ballance of -£44 at the start of the statement in 2009 between 2009 and 2014 £483.87 worth of goods and postage £193.45 worth of interest charges £564 worth of administration charges. I've paid £859.16 over the years Leaving balance of £338 My argument is I've paid for all the goods, postage and interest and all the pre-2013 late charges (plus a bit more) when I spoke to premier man back in 2013. The remaining balance is administration charges and interest on those charges that they can't provide any evidence for me agreeing to or a copy of the T&C I would have agreed. I hope all this made sense. Any advice for what to tell Lowell when they call back would be appreciated. I really dont have £300+ to pay for some shirts I bought 4 years ago! Although I'm sure many of us are in the same boat. Thanks!
  3. Hi Guys, I seem to be in quite the similar situation to OP. I received a letter from Lowell around a month ago and called to speak to them. My account claiming I owe £323.33 for an account opened in 2009. There are regular purchases and pay offs over the next 12 months and then didn't use them for a long time. In 2012 I then logged into my account to make another purchase and suddenly noticed a huge balance, not knowing any better I paid of some of the balance, covering the cost of the goods but was arguing about all the charges. IIRC they actually dropped some of the charges at the time as they couldn't provide me with anything that said I agreed to them. Around the middle of 2012 I remember getting a phone call from a debt collection agency who said I owed, at that time, about £200 to Premier Man. I again said I was happy to pay it if someone could show me what or where I had agreed to those charges. I think I got a generic copy of the T&C but they were dated as 2012 and they couldn't provide me with T&C from when I signed up. I've not used premier man since and I've moved house three times since then but last month got a letter from Lowells saying I owed £323. I dont have that kind of cash so I called them and spoke to them. I explained the above, Premier Man couldn't provide me any details, the other agency couldn't provide me any details but if Lowell could provide me details I'd gladly pay it. At that point the girl on the phone said if I paid her £150 there and then they would wipe off the debt completely. Had it been right after payday I might have done it but, again, I dont have that kind of cash laying around. I told her the same thing, get me a copy of the T&C, something showing I'd agreed to them and what the charges are. Yesterday they've sent me a second letter saying my account is on hold until Premier Man provide my Credit Agreement but have provided a copy of my statement dating back to 2009 if I would like to get in touch to "propose affordable payments". T he last transaction where I bought actual goods was in 2013, more than 30 charges of £12 "admin fee" and some months - january and february 2013 for example - I've been charged the admin fee twice.
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