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  1. I just wanted to thank everyone for their responses; they really are a great help. My son is appealing and I'll let everyone know the outcome!
  2. Indeed. We're going through the appeals process (well, we've sent a letter to appeal against the decision!), but the press is certainly an option if we don't get any joy from that. I'm not sure if taking it further through an employee tribunal would gain anything, to be honest.
  3. Thanks for asking, and the interest! The exact wording is this: "I write to confirm your summary dismissal ... on the grounds of gross misconduct due to Admitted physical restraint of a customer ... which is a breach of our apprehending a suspect policy, putting yourself, your colleagues and customers at risk". The incident took place at 2140 and my son was the only member of staff on the shop floor at the time. There were no other colleagues or "customers" in the shop.
  4. I'm writing on behalf of my son who was recently dismissed for Gross Misconduct from his employer because he tackled a thief that was trying to run out of the shop with some goods (which, apparently, contravenes one of their policies). We're currently going through the appeals process. My son has given a statement to the police and may be asked to appear in court as a prosecution witness. I've spoken with acas, who have been very helpful and, because my son has less than 2 years employment, cannot claim unfair dismissal, only wrongful dismissal. My s
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