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  1. I have a similar situation with Anglian. I had tried to cancel works as a result of a serious matter and had good reason to do so. They immediately threatened me with the fine print and the 30%. The best I could do was to get them to put the contract on hold while the situation became more clear. Many months later they returned to hound me with calls and letters. Now they are doing there standard tactic of going after fees and income they definitely have not earned. Clearly something in the consumer regs/laws is wrong since it allows companies like Anglian to use fine print and bullying tactics to generate income from unsuspecting consumers. This is clearly part of their business model. We had the same experience as you did with a high pressure salesman making all kinds of assurances and acting as sweet as possible. We had the same late night sales pitch. I wanted more time to think about it but the salesman wore me out and I finally signed. This practice by Anglian clearly needs to be investigated thoroughly. I can understand that the regs are designed to protect companies like Anglian in case they do substantial work and a consumer decides not to pay, but for doing virtually no work and asking for 30% of a substantial contract price borders on criminal. What ever happened to percentage of completion as companies cannot recognize revenue for work they have not done? I would appreciate an update on your situation as I deal with this unscrupulous company myself. For anyone lucky enough to read this prior to signing a contract with Anglian, please know that this company has not a single fiber of compassion, and employs a team of lawyers designed to enforce a [edited] business model by attempting to take advantage of loopholes in the regulations and consumer laws.
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