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  1. Yeah thats what I'm thinking, its a shame but at this stage probably more sensible.
  2. Ok thats not too bad then, thanks for clearing that up, still annoyed they didnt tell me it would happen though, I have checked the policy thoroughly now and there was nothing in it about that. Still tempted to leave but may just have to grin and bear it for another few months before leaving them to try and save a bit of money :/ Cheers for your help
  3. I see that makes sense now, so if i was to get another car and put it on the same policy, i wouldnt have to pay as much for the insurance, just whatever extra that car would cost to insure + the installation of another box? Im pretty sure i wont do this just trying to make sure i understand correctly.
  4. I get that but ive only used it for 4 months, surely if you get an insurance policy then only use it for a few months then cancel its only a £40-£50 charge and if youve paid the years premium already you get back the money for the months you havent used? so as paying monthly you just simply dont pay the rest of the year? Thats what happend with my old moped.
  5. I am really confused with Hastings Direct Smartmiles. am 25, got my license 4 months ago and got myself a little car a couple of days later. A couple of issues I have had with them, Issue 1: Insured it with Hastings direct Smartmiles as it seemed to be a good policy and for a good price. Set up my appointment to have the blackbox fitted all fine. The night before the engineer was due to come in the morning and fit the blackbox (which was a couple of days before the end of the two week grace period due to my hectic work schedule) I got a call saying the
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