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  1. thanks dx , but still confused, you and i know she is the defendant so why type the letter as though she is acting on behalf of a client i shall of course ignore it , hopefully now they realise that they can't get the original agreement we shall hear no more from them or rectums. thanks
  2. hi all , well it has been quiet with this problem till today when the missus received a short letter from global arrow I have typed it out as only five lines see below " We write further to previous correspondence . We are unable at this time ,to obtain a copy of you client's Consumer Credit agreement from the originating creditor. We confirm this account will not be the subject of collection activity until such time as the document becomes available and we provide your client with a copy of the same ." now to me looking at the letter they can't get the original agre
  3. hi all again , we just received the latest letter this morning see attached , I don,t know who idem capital securities limited are , I think they are backing down now because they can,t get documentation from the original creditor because there isn't any from newday , if this works in our favour I am wondering if we can claim back the money that newday have been taking out of her bank account every month until I found out and stopped it this is going back a number of years .thanks sapper global arrow.pdf
  4. hi all once again , sorry to be a nuisance the latest letter came through this morning from restons , what to do now ?? are they backing down ?? shall I reply or leave it as it is , please see attached thanks sapper restons 3.pdf
  5. hi again , well received a letter from arrow global see attached letter, they sent postal order back ,also there is a new name come into it idem capital securities ltd ??so what happens now apart from wait and see l.o.l. thanks sapper ` arrow global .pdf
  6. hi all, well the latest chapter of this story is we received a letter from the court , please see attachment I think the ball is back in restons hands now also still haven,t heard from global arrow about the CCA ,should I pursue global about it ?? and what happens next ?? thanks sapper court letter 2.pdf
  7. hi dx again , the missus copied the no paperwork letter out word for word except the names and dates on their defence form and extra paper and posted it to the court , so do you know what happens now ? also have not heard from global arrow yet thanks sapper
  8. does she write a letter to the court or will the court send more paperwork out to us ? telling them she never had an agreement or signed an agreement with newday only Debenhams back in 1988 .we are waiting on a CCA. from global, also restons says they haven't got a copy of the credit agreement so they are asking their client for it, as I said I know nothing about these legal matters thanks for your patience
  9. hi dx , naw I will be at my second campsite at tighnabruich on the 8th ,why ? is there a reason ? may come back down the east coast normally go to seahouses near lindisfarne and don,t do skeggy l.o.l.
  10. thanks andy and dx for answering so quick ,we will be travelling around scotland spending a couple of days in each campsite working our way up to fort william so not taking laptop or internet .
  11. hi again , we got a letter from restons today saying there were errors in the letter for CPR31,14 and they are not sending it .what now ?? I haven,t heard from the courts yet , as we are going on holiday (camping) on Friday , I think the court case will be over and done by the time we get back anyway I have scanned the latest letter hope it is readable and how can they send the original agreement with newday when she never signed anything agreement from newday . thanks sapper2409 court letter.pdf
  12. thanks dx ,the mist is clearing I,m not very good with legal matters now give me a bike or lump of metal and I,m an expert l.o.l.
  13. sorry dx ,i,m stupid what do you mean, keep it to myself unless it can help me IF it ever does get to the witness stage , i dont understand i,m an ex squaddie l.o.l. i got a printer with scanner and about 150 pages from newday , newday also sent a load of memo,s all words abbreviated, they also sent along with these was a glossary of what the abbreviations mean the only trouble is that the glossary and memo,s don,t match up . thanks again
  14. yes dx, it came about 12- 0- clock today ,i posted the CCA to arrow and the CPR31,14 to restons
  15. hi again , well the latest chapter is that we sent the CCA to global arrow and the CPR31.14 to restons this morning when the postman came there was a big fat envelope from newday it had all the account statements going back to june 2007 , also they sent a letter , notice of sums in arrears and it is for two payments the 30th /04/15 and 28/05 /2015 the address on the letter is Romford as is the account statements . they also sent a badly photostated copy of the application for a debenham account ,which the missus remembers filling it out, it is dated 1/10/1988
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