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  1. Good Morning All, I've been meaning to come back to this for a few weeks but due to personal commitments I haven't had the time. As of December 2016, My girlfriend successfully won her challenge against CCS / SD and it would have not been possible without the content on the threads of this specific forum. In summary, after many hours of reading and basically taking on a second career as a lawyers, we researched and read in-depth Credit Laws in both Australia and the UK. We then decided to go on the attack, and I mean really on the attack. We had action from SD paused, CCS came a
  2. Good Morning. I’ve spent the past day and night reading multiple threads across CAG concerning Australian Debt being chased within the UK. While there is a lot of great information available, majority of the threads seem scattered with quality content therefore I am creating this thread more to assist others moving forwards; however as this is a live case, any intelligent and informed input would be greatly appreciated. Background of situation: My girlfriend has recently been contacted by Complete Credit Solutions in regards to an unsecured personal debt from VIC, Australia
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