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  1. Good Morning All, I've been meaning to come back to this for a few weeks but due to personal commitments I haven't had the time. As of December 2016, My girlfriend successfully won her challenge against CCS / SD and it would have not been possible without the content on the threads of this specific forum. In summary, after many hours of reading and basically taking on a second career as a lawyers, we researched and read in-depth Credit Laws in both Australia and the UK. We then decided to go on the attack, and I mean really on the attack. We had action from SD paused, CCS came at us guns blazing but with the assistance of many governing bodies both sides of the seas we were in a far stronger position. Overall in December 2016, action was withdrawn and case got closed, as a personal couple it gave us a positive end of tough 2016. When I get a moment I will come back and post more detailed content to assist others moving forwards.
  2. Good Morning. I’ve spent the past day and night reading multiple threads across CAG concerning Australian Debt being chased within the UK. While there is a lot of great information available, majority of the threads seem scattered with quality content therefore I am creating this thread more to assist others moving forwards; however as this is a live case, any intelligent and informed input would be greatly appreciated. Background of situation: My girlfriend has recently been contacted by Complete Credit Solutions in regards to an unsecured personal debt from VIC, Australia for circa $35,000, this debt was left circa three years ago prior to us meeting. Now, not that I approve of people having/leaving debt oversees, this specific debt was left due extreme unforeseen personal circumstance, though unfortunately the circumstance won’t protect her under either Australian or British law and she is not in a financial position to currently deal with this level of debt. Her present financial position is that she currently has a small amount of unsecured UK debt and is a UK property owner with very limited equity due to Brexit. Situation as of today: Complete Credit Solutions are trying to go through formal identification process, they have approached my girlfriend by telephone at her work – my girlfriend has not engaged with CCS questions or identification therefore to date formal identification has not yet been achieved. CCS have followed up to her e-mail address informing her that they believe their identifications are warranted and correct, they will be instructing Stevensdrake shortly – this again has not been engaged with or responded to. Due to the actions of my girlfriend, to date she may have brought herself a short stay of execution but this will only be temporary. Actions: Nothing to do at present, I will update the thread further as this process develops. Advice: If anyone knows of any quick ways to shut this down, please do make aware.
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