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  1. Hi, thanks for the replies, I got a bit mixed up with my figures, the amount the bailiffs have is around 1500, the council have kept some back which I am paying at £50 per month, the current year is being paid at £25 per week. I am still on a zero hour contract and before last week I had no work for 3 weeks, I have non dependents living at home so cannot claim benefit, I literally earned £400 last month, there is no way I can clear this debt and pay the council as well. My gripe was they were not even willing to listen to my situation until I paid this amount, they are aggressive and rude on the phone, I am thinking of complaining to the council about the firm they have chosen as surely its better to get some payment of me instead of refusing to negotiate. I have got myself in such a pickle because of this zero hour contract and I am more than 100% sure I will be evicted from my property within the next month. I owe £3k rent arrears which luckily my family are helping me out with, currently paying £500 per week so I can try and avoid eviction. I literally dont know which way to turn
  2. Hi letters all dated 9/8/2016 (called as soon as I rceived them) further letters received 15/08, called them as soon as received, called them again Friday 19th and again today still they refuse to set up arrangment until they receive either £567 for a monthly arrangement or £128 for a weekly one, no personal visit made
  3. Hi, Can someone please help me, My local council (Sefton) has passed my council tax arrears over to the bailiffs there are a few years worth as I got myself in a pickle as I work on a zero hour contract, totals around 4k they are refusing to speak to me and negotiate until I make a payment they want there fees £567 before negotiating, they just keep refusing to speak to me. I phoned the council who said they should be negotiating with me but there is nothing they can do and they wont recall it, I just dont know what to do now. Thanks
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