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  1. Hey all. Thank you so much for all your assistance. I haven't appealed so no contact. I shall follow through as many of you have stated above and let you know the out come. Peace. Greg.
  2. Cheers for the swift reply. The signs are visible in the picture attachment. I have added a clearer picture though in the attachments. No notice to keeper as yet, although I haven't had the log book come through yet, the bike is a relatively new purchase.
  3. Hi folks. Much the same as many people here I suspect, my first post is about a Parking Charge Notice I received. I'm aware this isn't a penalty charge notice. I have read many different stories about Gemini but I believe mine is a little unique. I and my motorbike (yes, my motorbike) received a Parking Charge Notice, stuck onto my petrol tank at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Date/Time - 11/08/16 16:50 The Issue reason is "Parking in a No Parking area". I have not appealed yet. All excuses aside - those being that I was attending a job interview and could
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