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  1. Cheers for the advice above. I went for my interview today and all seemed fine. Gave them my documents (didn't end up asking for bank statements) for them to scan and signed my forms. What checks do they actually do as part of the standard JSA assessment just out of curiosity? Also I forgot to ask today, my next appointment is on the 5th of September. Am I right in presuming there's no chance of me getting paid until then? Thanks
  2. Hi all, Bit of a long one! I left my store managers position in February due to a few issues in my personal life (caring for relatives). Since then I've been living off what I had saved from previous paychecks etc. I'm 23 and never been on JSA or the like before, and now my personal issues have cleared in the last 4 weeks or so I've been job hunting again. This is the first time I've had a gap on my CV in 7 years. I'm now at a point where I need the JSA to survive and transport to interviews etc and they've asked me to bring a bank statement
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