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  1. I am happy that I have to give Creation the opportunity to respond with their final response letter. I was more interested in finding out about them supposedly being able to access taped conversations from months earlier in a matter of minutes?
  2. It will cost me £10 to access the tapes and I will have to wait 40 days for them to access and send it. This is what makes me highly suspicious that in a two or three minute phone call a supervisor is contacted, he accesses the phone call from over a year ago and simply backs up the call taker that I did not give my new address. I am sure I did but the only way to prove it is getting the tape. I was hoping someone on here who may have worked for them could have said they are lying to me as it takes ex amount of time to access the tapes, or they can't access them after so many days? I have a complaint in to them as they suddenly and for no reason stopped my direct debit with them. I wrote to the CEO but he has handed it down the line to complaints dept who will on completion hand it to a senior manager for review apparently. If I get nowhere I will be going to Financial Ombudsman Service with it.
  3. Are there no ex employees of Creation on the site who could answer this query for me?
  4. Hi. I am in the middle of a dispute with Creation Financial Services. I was speaking to their helpline and they said they had accessed a telephone call I had made two years earlier and that I had not changed my address with them. Can they really access these phone calls from two years earlier in a matter of two or three minutes I was on the phone waiting for a supervisor to access the call. I didn't and don't believe they accessed it that quick and think they lied to me. Can you tell me if they can access calls from two years ago that fast? Thanks.
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