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  1. Hi, sorry if I've posted in the wrong place, but I checked my credit file on clearscore.com today - that tv advert with the girl shoving her smelly feet into the bloke's face on the laptop with the dog between his legs! Ha! I love that advert. I gave in and logged on - it showed I had a Debt Relief Order back in October 2011. Sure enough. But about 3 of the debts which were included in the DRO were showing as not being defaulted until late 2012. I was discharged from the DRO in October 2012, but these 3 debts will not clear my credit file until at least 2019 due to the way they registered the default. I'm confused. 2 Questions if I may please - 1. Does my DRO drop off my credit file from when it was granted, or when it was fulfilled. 2. Any debts included in my DRO, can a company individually default them AFTER they were originally included in said Debt Relief Order. I'd really appreciate some direction to legislation on this please. thanks.
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