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  1. Just a wee update to let you know... I sent the letter using the phrases Silver Fox posted above nearly 2 weeks ago, and have heard nothing from them since. (I did get a 3rd letter reiterating the first 2 and saying they'd "consider" legal action unless I paid, but it came the next day so will have crossed in the post.) Hopefully that's the last I'll hear, and I just wanted to say thank you again for your help. Would it be helpful for you to see the 3rd letter? TBH it's just the same but with added court "threat" but I think I read somewhere that you are not that familiar with the supermarket/Dwf procedure, time frame etc. For me the time frame worked like this: just over a week after the incident I received the first letter (dated 3 days previously - rolls eyes), then exactly 7 days later the 2nd (same 3 day lag). The 3rd came 8 days later but I assume this was BH post related as the date on the letter was 7 days after the 2nd. 1 letter every week until I replied to them.
  2. Thank you for the very helpful advice re sending a letter. I understand you are not allowed to mention the names of those involved in the 2012 case, but could you point me in the direction of where I may read more please?
  3. So you don't see any need to send them a letter? Would it be a bad thing to do? I'd really just like the phonecalls to stop (so far there's only been 1 but the day is still young). I know it's like the car park penalty letters, but with the car parking thing I would be happy to wait it out , and have no concerns with my work/family finding out about it, but this is different. I was thinking of something along the lines of: ...While shopping in Asda that day I was accused of a crime, which I denied. When the police arrived they confirmed that I had committed no crime and I was allowed to leave. Apart from the attending police officers, the only members of security staff I encountered were regular staff I'd seen working there previously, and presumably would have been paid regardless of my visit to the store, therefore I do not understand what extra costs you claim "occurred at the time of the incident". In any case I was accused of a crime which I did not commit and therefore deny any liability to you or your clients. I have "met" a friend of a friend online who had a similar letter from another supermarket (different but similar sort of accusation) and they sent a letter basically saying what I've put above and then that was the last of it.
  4. Sorry for the quality of pic on the first one. I'm at work and the letters at home so can't change. You can read what it says though.
  5. Here's my letters. Files DWF1 and DWf2 are the first one and 3 is the one I got a week later. DWF Letters.pdf
  6. Thanks, it's not the pdf thing it's that I have no working scanner so my pdf features photos with coloured paper covering the personal bits. It says not to do that, but there's nothing pertinent missing and you can't see my details so I'm ok with it if you are?
  7. Sorry I've been a bit lax, had a family bereavement and been a bit preoccupied. I was about to upload my letters but my scanner's not working. I have photos of the letters that I have edited personal info from and converted to pdf but I see these are not allowed. Oh well. when I came home from work yesterday I had a message waiting for me from dwf saying to contact them. I'm not intending to speak to them, but others in the house are expecting phone calls so it's possible that a call will be picked up in the future. (No one else knows about this and I have no intention of telling them). I thought I might send a letter denying responsibility for the bill. I was falsely accused of a crime, police said no crime committed, not my problem kind of thing. houghts? I read that people sent a similar letter to rlp after the 2nd letter and that was it. The police asked for where I worked at the time and I'm not sure whether asda staff took note. I don't want a call at work.
  8. Thank you. I had no intention of asking for them back, was just a bit annoyed with myself for meekly handing them over, but that's past now, not like I can spend them lol. I've read the letter and will read any future ones. This one doesn't even seem to define what the money I supposedly owe is. It's called a "balance due","outstanding balance" and a "sum", it's never called a bill or fine or anything similar, is that relevant?
  9. They took all the apgs and gift cards that I had with me (this was before the police arrived and they said that the police would search me anyway when they got there, so I thought I'd look more compliant if I offered them when asked - police didn't search me, but the whole experience blindsided me and I was not thinking straight). These were gained through legal means, but previous transactions were purchased with previous apgs and gift cards (gc gained mainly as refunds for items bought with apgs) (so most, but not all were gained through the "loophole" in their flawed system). I'm mildly annoyed about this, but more at myself for not questioning this at the time.
  10. Apologies for the big chunk of text. When I typed it up there were paragraphs, but on submitting the formatting went.
  11. A couple of weeks ago I was accused of fraud in Asda, taken to a room and the police were called. They said it was fraud that I had been buying stuff that was cheaper elsewhere to get their asda price guarantee vouchers, then returning the items after using the vouchers (Nothing in t&cs about returning goods). When the police arrived asda staff/security tried to make out the vouchers were fake, that I'd made them myself. Not true, they were legit ones and police said not fraud, no crime committed and I was let go. (they took all the apg's I had on me and my asda gift cards, and banned from all asda stores) A week or so later and I got a letter from DWF saying they are working on asda's behalf asking for a sum of £125 for "security costs". (the goods stolen/damaged and cash stolen amounts were £0) I've read other threads on here about DWF, but nothing recent. I have so far ignored the letter (6 days since I received it), but thought about emailing them to ask for a breakdown of the security costs. Is this a worthwhile thing to pursue? I'm in Scotland too, if that makes any legal difference. Thanks in advance. For clarification it was Asda who took the vouchers and gift cards, NOT the police. And it was asda that banned me.
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