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  1. I must say i'm quite impressed by the response of the regulator. They usually just respond to say your concern is noted and that they can not comment any further. I received a long email from them that says it will be passed to who ever monitors the lender and that they might come back to me requesting more information. They also say that if i'm suspecting criminal activity on how the car was taken out of a locked area to go to the police and they also say that i should consider the ombudsman route rather than taking court action against the firm.
  2. Yes i will scan it now, how to attach it here? Also i do understand everything above but what exactly stopped was stopping them from doing things lawfully? And why will a court let them get away with that? And they can not claim mistake or oversight. This person came to my property on the 3rd of August as well (I'm unfolding more info as i go along) and left as he didn't manage to get the car out. So they knew the car was on a private area and they were not supposed to take it. Hopefully you can see the files? agreement.pdf
  3. I also need to confirm that and is not 100% yet however it looks like the repo guy impersonated a court bailiff and that is how he managed to get out of the gates by threatening other residents that they would be in trouble if they don't let him out as he was a court bailiff and was acting on a court order.
  4. Also my understanding was that the regulator does not accept complaints? Even if you do complain to them they will direct you to the omburdsman?
  5. The repo company was acting on behalf of the car finance company so essentially isn't both companies that need to be reported?
  6. I will let you guys know how i get along with this, might be a quick process might be a painful one it depends, with these finance companies you never know as sometimes they can be so arrogant in thinking they are always right.
  7. I personally think is unlawful repo as well and everyone else seems to have the same view but then i'm thinking could it be that easy, can they be so stupid?
  8. Thank you so much for spending so much time to help me, i can't thank you enough, everybody who has helped. I was wondering if anyone has good template letter i can use to request the cctv footage. I'm thinking what if the finance company say prove to us that the car wasn't in the street. In theory they can claim anything they like.
  9. oh definitely, i guess i'm thinking more in terms of will they let it go to the court stage?
  10. But the thing is, if the repossession was illegal then the agreement we have now does not exist . And how can you trust a company who behaves like this? Not making payment is a contract failure yes but is not illegal as far as i know. What they did is illegal! Also i found an old post here on this forum similar to mine where there was a big discussion as to whether you need to involve the police as the car was taken illegally.
  11. They already told me that they are willing to return the car if i pay the outstanding amount or enter into a satisfying agreement with them to clear the balance while continuing to make my monthly payments.
  12. not sure if that makes any difference to the argument, my flatmate just went outside and photograph the entrance of the building has a a sign that says "Private No Right of Way" Also can i please ask what is the right way forward? Court Action or Financial Ombudsman?
  13. There is no access to public unless somebody let you in. Front door there are buzzers with the flat numbers and doors are locked. Back is gated as described above. I am assuming he was waiting for somebody to come in and open the gate and that's how he left. But does that make it legal?
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