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  1. Pretty sure I did not pay insurance to them think I'm the only one who didn't haha
  2. Ok thanks does the same apply to welcome finance charges ? Can I claim those back plus interest rate they charged?
  3. Yes 100% I remember using the phone insurance and the breakdown cover I use to have my wage paid into the account as well and none of this shows either
  4. In regards to the 75 charges is it plus the 8% daily interest or have I got that confused with something else? Thanks
  5. This is what I mean it's seems to have been edited I use to pay about £8 a month for mobile insurance breakdown cover and couple other things but none of that is shown.
  6. No much information given really 1/8/08 overdraft interest charge £23.13 Same for sept 2008 Oct od interest £23.47 and £23.06then unplanned of fee £75 Nov2008od interest £23.06 unplanned of fee £75 Dec of interest £25.73 unplanned of charge £75 Jan 2009 interest £23.17 Feb 09 of interest £28.05 Mar 2009 od interest £27.52 April 09 od interest £25.24 May od interest £27.45 Hun od interest ££27.82 July od interest £29.15 July 09 dep tfr to cdr account credit £2029.98 Interest od £28.62 and £10.65
  7. Hiya just had a reply for the SARS request load of paper work what should I be looking for
  8. hi sorry I have a few different threads running now all for different areas im just wanting to know if we can still claim late or returned dd charges back plus the interest or has that boat left the harbour? if so could someone tell me where the template letters are and also how to calculate the interest charges ? ive found an old laptop with lots of information on so hoping to go to the post office armed with charges letters and ppi letters for the ones I have details on and sars letters for the ones I dont
  9. Really I thought they went pop I have about £1000 in charges from them is that part of the ppi process or can I not claim late payment charges anymore
  10. Brill thank you do you know how I try to contact welcome finance with them no longer being in business?
  11. Hiya thanks again so far for all the help after speaking to lloyds they informed me I paid Robinson way £33 a month for about 6 months with the last payment as above In regards to the client my apologise it's says out client Lowell portfolio ltd and original client lloyds It was a bank account with a monthly subscription fee for extra insurances Also Lowell filed a ccj back in 2014 so I assume they can take further action for non payment of a ccj
  12. Is that the letter to ask for all information they hold on me ? I take it I need to supply all previous address on this to?
  13. now they have mentioned Robinson way that rings a bell so I I'll be ringing Lowell on Monday to hopefully arrange a payment plan
  14. Hiya hope this is the correct place for this I'm going to start the ppi process from today I've finally took my head out the sand in regards to debt so want to get my like back on track over the years I have had HSBC account & credit card Barclays account & credit card Welcome loan ( I had a ridiculous amount of charges from these) Rbs account which I payed a monthly subscription Blackhorse car finance British credit trust car finance Capital one credit card Kay's catalogue Next account Gmac mortgage they sold it to Bradford & bingley it's now with mortgage express I've looked through as much information as I can on here but can't seem to find the answers I after I only have a handful of the account number so can I still claim without an account number? Can I only go back 6 Years? Also is ppi the same as claiming back charges from say welcome finance and bank monthly subscriptions or is it completely different
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