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  1. Ah ok. I only worry cause they are bothering my sister instead of me. Thanks for your reply.
  2. Hi everyone. Wanna catch up with my situation After sending out the 1st reply, they sent 3 more afterwards. I asked my sister to send 1 last record mail with a big 'FINAL NOTICE'. Well, it works because they replied with a different letter yesterday. They are now requesting my sister's DOB, last resident address with in/out date and the passport. Should we give these important personal information to them please? Will they revise the record of the debt by using those information please? Thanks in advance.
  3. Ah I see. I told her to reply with record mail yesterday. Hopefully, they will stop sending her letters.
  4. Really? My only worries is if the bank still looking for my current address. I have a thought today - don't know if it's correct. Since the bank sold the debt to DCA (I guessed the debt has been passed on on quite a lot DCA. On the latest DCA letter, it didn't say it's from HSBC but it's appointed by another DCA), does that mean HSBC give up looking for me directly then?
  5. In UK, they will only spam calling, mailing, emailing etc. Here... not only my life will be threatened. My parents or anyone around me will be as well.
  6. That's what I am scared for - I don't know what they will do if they find me locally. The law in my country is not as good as UK. They can do lots of rude harassment and seldom of them are punished.
  7. Thanks for your help. All of you! Even I have no intention of going back, chasing by the debt's a nightmare (sometimes..) If they are not adding a ridiculous amount as interest or service charge, I will pay what they are asking for now. As someone replied - what if they find my current address now. I don't want this happen.. But now, hope they could give me few months extra so I have enough time to ''save'' some money for them.
  8. Great help! I will wait then I can run but I can't hide. Time to pay back all my debts. At least, I am capable of paying now.
  9. Oh ok. My other concern is - what if I settled the HSBC this time, will the payday track me down? In fact, I forgot how much I owned them . I only remembered I paid one installment before I left. I even forgot how much I borrowed. Maybe around 300.
  10. Thanks for your advice. I am going to pay back HSBC soon or later this year even I have no asset or intent going back to the UK. If I write directly to HSBC now, will they add up all the interest/charges though :/
  11. I didn't leave any details when I left UK. Never written to HSBC or anyone about my new address. I am quite surprise they will use my sister's details to track me down though. I lived with my sister for 2 years before I left (like 4 years ago). And that address has been using for the Payday loan and it's my last address with HSBC. Then I left UK and my sister moved on with her life. She only gave Barclays that address when she applied for her credit card few months ago. I guessed the DCA thought my sister were me because we have the same middle name and surname.
  12. Thank you for your reply. It's Wescot. They sent 2 letters already. 1 letter states as 'we found you'. 1 letter says they represent HSBC... My concern is the Payday loan. I don't know how much interest they would add on top of it if they think they find me. I tried to search if I have the CCJ. But the website keeps saying - wrong address... I am now really worrying if it will affect my sister's credit report. She just got her permanent citizenship and trying to get her mortgage done. Her score is 997 at the moment. As I known, even if I am going to pay now, they will put this in the credit report for 2 years. What if they put this record into my sister's credit report instead. I really don't mind if they said my score is 0...
  13. Here's my old thread (I forgot my previous register details so I created a new account) /showthread.php?398275-Left-UK-with-debt-and-move-to-Asia When I thought I can have my debt time barred if they couldn't contact me for likely 2 more years, then a bomb dropped ...There's a debt collector letter mailed to my sister address yesterday! My sister applied for a credit card recently the bank requested the living address for previous 5 years. she gave them 1 address that I lived together with her 4 years ago. Then the problem occurred . We have the same middle name and surname . I don't know how the debt collector works but they sent a debt collector letter with the middle name and surname only. My sister never has a bank account with HSBC and never in debt. (after my lesson...)They are now requesting her to pay off the debt within 10 days or there is further recovery action. What should I do now please? Because of the same middle and surname, I think it's hard to let the debt collector stay away from my sister at all...
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