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  1. Thanks, do you know how many people have actually been taken to court and received county court judgements? Has the company actually succefully been taken to court and won? Has anybody received a CCJ for this kind of offence?
  2. I have also been advised that i could call them up and negotiate a price?? Say £20, how much it would have cost to park in a car park all day is and some admin payment. Even though it was in a free car park.
  3. is this draft letter ok, found a template online? should i add/change or missed anything else out? should i say that this is the first letter i have received and i would like to see all previous evidence/correspondence sent as well as evidence of the driver? Dear Sir, Thankyou for your letter dated xxx I deny any debt to Vehicle Control Service. I was not the driver, as the alleged parking event was before The protection of Freedoms Act, your client has no right to pursue me for payment. The matter is therefore closed and the Data protection Act requires that your client deletes my records. As an aside, the Civil Procedure Rules are quite clear that your £54 charge for 'Legal Services' cannot be recovered in the Small Claims Court. Yours Faithfully
  4. Hmm, should i wait for the mext letter from them before i reply then? I'm just trying to buy some more time and hoping if they have issued anything by then, then after december they cant do a CCJ against me?
  5. Thanks, they most probably will try but with the statute barred i have more of an argument against them.
  6. Thanks for all your help. Ii think for now in going to ignore this letter until i receive the next one and then reply with the above. As theres only 4 months left to hit the 6 year anniversary im going to try and pro long it for as long as possible, after that date they cant pursue with a CCJ anyway?
  7. Also what doesnit mean to be before the PoFa 2012? Is that something that will be in my favour?
  8. Is there anything you suggest i should add to my reply back to them apart feom the one liner? As the current letter states they will talk to their client about start court proceedings should i ignore this letter ant wait for the next one before replying? Thanks
  9. What about tthe statute barred you mentioned? Theres only 4 months left.. i dont understand why after 6 years they have now decided to try their luck again!
  10. " I do not acknowledge any debt to you or you client " Is this the one liner that should be sent to them? If i ignore it and dont send them anything does that mean they have a chance of winning as its an undefended claim? I read that in another thread? I have not been the registered keeper of the vehicle for nearly a year now. So should i write back and also say i do not own the vehicle and did not receive any letters and this is the first letter i have received, i do not know who was driving the vehicle at that time or what the offence is for can you provide some evidence that it was me driving the vehicle? So confused, is it better to reply or better to ignore for now? Bopefully if the statute barred is something to consider then they should be able to write to me after 14 decmeber this year anyway??
  11. So if i ignore it after december this year they cant claim anything as its been over 6 years?
  12. Thanks. The date of contravention on the current letter from bw legal is dated 14 December 2010. Balance due is £174. "£120 PCN charge plus clients initial legal costs of £54 ehich are detialed in the car park terms and conditions." Contracention description is parked in a restricted area of the car park.
  13. So i should just ignore for now until i recieve a letter before action letter? Thankyou for your help.
  14. Hi i'm new to this site I received the same letter today for parking in valley centertainment but back in 2010! I initially ignored the letters that were sent and had not heard anything since until today a letter from vcs and bw legal stating the same as Mantaray thread. What should i do? Ignore or respond? I cant even remember what it was for i think for parking somewhere in the car park that wasnt within the lines. I have read somewhere that it should be ignored until i receive a letter before action? What is that? I heard that these companies cant afford to take people to court? Is this correct? In a bit of a panic now as its popped up 6 years later? Help appreciated please. Thanks
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