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  1. I will be on the phone to them first thing in the morning, does this company have any rights to access my home to take goods or can i just ignore him and deal with the council?
  2. This is the letter he posted today saying Final warning, As far as iam aware this is my first warning or any knowledge of this debt. Can i not just deal with the council, do i have to deal with Newlyn?
  3. Today out of the blue we got a visit from Newlyns, we were not home so they posted a letter saying we owe £440 for unpaid council tax. I have no idea how we got this debt we have had no prior letters from the council or from Newlyns. He has visited my home and posted this letter saying he has come to collect goods and if i fail to contact him he will be back in 48hrs. I would like to contact the council and find out where and why this came about but my main worry is this bailiff and his threats. Me nor my partner are currently working and i claim job seekers and they have me sanctioned, we live with our 3 children and would like some advice on how to deal with this bailiff, will he be back to enter my property?
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