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  1. I was looking at Amazon comments in google when I cam across this post and couldnt help passing a comment as I agree with the op, amazon staff at least assigned for the UK seems to have gotten a pompus attitude where they think they are above the law, I noticed this recently with how they dismiss what you say, I ordered an item and it wasnt as described, I arranged for collection and was told next working day it would be collected, 3 days later DPD came to collect it when I was out, so I contacted amazon for re-delivery, 1 week later I get an email asking me for a re collection date, so i gave one, DPD came on a different day, again when I was out, so I sent an email back complaining that 2 times they have come on a different day than advised and I am not getting any texts like I was supposed to advising when they are collecting the parcel and that if they dont sort it out I will cancel my prime membership. Again I re iterate I said I would cancel. No collection a week later so I log into amazon to find they cancelled my prime membership, when I started a chat to make a complaint about the fact that instead of sorting my problem they cancelled my membership meaning they dont want me as a customer for requesting a return I was told thanks for your feedback. Account history: purchased a lot of products over a period of a year, noticed quality is declining and stuff are not always as described, this was my first return, this is what they did so I agree with the OP not only they treat customers badly they act like your complaint is nothing, they still didnt take my complaintseriously even though I threatened with taking the matter further as I dont want the item and I have tried collection multiple times.
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