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  1. I would recommend using a Chartered Tax Adviser. They have the most tax knowledge. The issue you have here is that entertainment is not an allowable expense against tax so should not be claimed through the tax return. Mileage can be. It can be claimed through the employerbut the company would not get Corporation Tax relief on it.
  2. TaxHero

    HMRC debt - 15yrs old

    Remit the debt means that they either remove it or suspend indefinitely.
  3. TaxHero

    HMRC Worry

    You may have a problem here. If your dad was a self employed accountant he should know the rules better than a lay person. You would have to argue that the onset of the illness was quick or HMRC will chase the full amount.
  4. TaxHero

    HMRC debt - 15yrs old

    If the CCJ was obtained by a tax certificate it is valid only for 6 years and cannot be enforced after this. Normally HMRC use a tax certificate in County and Magistrates Court as there is no defense in these Courts against a Tax certificate. HMRC very rarely go for a second tax certificate as it can be blocked by an application to the tax tribunal.
  5. Do not deal with the debt collection agency. Send 2 letters to HMRC. 1) Send a SAR. 2) Send a letter disputing the debt and ask for the harassment by the debt collectors to be stopped while the issue is investigated as its causing stress.
  6. TaxHero

    HMRC debt - 15yrs old

    Tax debts never become statute barred. The CCJ will now be statute barred but HMRC have many other ways to collect the money. You should do 2 things. 1) Send a SAR and ask them to prove it. Ask them to put the debt on hold for 60 days with the SAR. 2) Ask them to "remit" the debt. Ask for interest to be stopped and removed. It is likely then can charge interest as the interest will be in the Finance Act. This will effectively put the debt on hold.
  7. I think the reason here is that you are paid after receiving the P45. It is standard for 0T in this case. The other reason is a tax underpayment as stated. However this is unlikely for 2 reasons. 1. You should have received a coding norice from HMRC. 2. It would have to be a large underpayment.
  8. HMRC do not have recorded calls that far back.
  9. I think whats happened here is as follows. You were paid your final salary and received your P45. You then received pay after your P45 which was your holiday pay. All pay made after the P45 is taxed as 0T W1M1. You can claim the tax back online. Your employer has followed the correct procedure,
  10. You do not need to register. You only need to register as self employed. If you are a LLP member then you should already be registered as elf employed. There is no requirement for further registration. If you have not registered as self employed while you are a member of the LLP then the fines will be mounting and you should register for self employment asap.
  11. You may have a problem here. Please could you post the original letter from HMRC. The issue is that you can either be self employed or employed if you are a director of a company. If you are paid via PAYE from your limited company you are employed by them if you are not paid through PAYE you have a directors service agreement which is self employed. It sounds to me like this could be a DCA and not HMRC. HMRC do not add fees for bailiffs until they enter a property after giving notice of distraint proceedings. The bailiff would be an HMRC officer. They would only instruct a company when the goods are to actually be removed and this would be after they have entered the property. The other option is that your contract was through an agency and they have deemed you a disguised employee under the National Insurance Act or IR35. If you have received a distraint letter it should have the mobile number of the officer on it. Your accountant should be calling them and finding out what is going on. I would suggest the next step is to post up the letter with personal deatails removed.
  12. One other point is that the debt collection firm cannot add charges.
  13. HMRC would expect you to keep business records for 7 years. Therefore the stock positions could be ascertained at any time if you have the correct records. Draw up a spreadsheet with this information. Only send what they ask for, no more and no less. Send it all in one go as advised.
  14. What type of business was it you registered with HMRC Self employed or limited Company? If it was self employed HMRC will eventually go for a CCJ. This is likely to be a long time away yet. The order is HMRC Debt Management DCA HMRC Debt Management HMRC Field Agent HMRC Debt Collectors Court Action. Do not panic as when you get to the Debt Collector department they have more scope for negotiation than the debt management team and will more than likely accept a small token payment per week.
  15. Unless there has been an over payment it is unlikely there will be a fine as you are fully complying with them.
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