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  1. dx100uk, honeybee13, BazzaS ... Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it! I have read that asking for an out of court settlement in a direct way is considered as a serious offence . .. I have no idea how can I ask or convince TFL for an administrative solution ... Do you have an advice in how writing the letter/email TFL in order to convince them for an administrative settlement? What is the best way to convince them?
  2. Hi Liliya, I am sorry too that you get involved because of our usernames! Why would I do that? are you the only one who is called/uses Liliya? I am sorry to tell you that, but I have no time to loose for imitating people usernames/names!!!
  3. Is it possible to send back the form to the court and negotiate an administrative settlement? Will it be late for an administrative settlement if I send the form back with pleading guilty?
  4. 8 to 9 and 17 to 18:30 (the same stations) the rest : 5:20 to 7:30 and 19:20 to 20:30.
  5. Thank you for your answer BazzaS. I am wondering what exactly is 17 (1) all about? Is my case in fact recorded? Is it a criminal record?
  6. I guess i can't add a link or an image? I have used an OCR, I guess it is better. I would like to show this page that I received with the summon: OFFENCES TO BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION 1 The schedule gives particulars of 68 offences, which we suspect you of committing but have not been charged with. 2. If you plead guilty or are found guilty of any offence(s) with which you have been charged you can, before any sentence is passed, admit all or any of the matters in the attached schedule, and ask the court to take them into consideration. This in turn will result in NOT b
  7. On the paper I have, there is a table of 68 rows/fares/offences ... in the end of each row, there is a space to sign (I request this offence to be taken into consideration - Signed .......) I have another attached paper about Memorandum for the Information of the accused Can I take a picture and attach it to the thread as there are some points that I think important to show you.
  8. If I sign only my 10 or 11 fares, will that cause me more troubles? can you please explain this story of 68 offences?
  9. 68 offences, but not all of them ... there are 10 or 11 fares that are mine, but the rest have been taken legally by the owner of the pass ... and even the destinations are not the same. If I tick Plead Guilty and sign the rows that mention the fares that I took, and leave the others, will it mean that I don't plead guilty?
  10. I made it clear that I am not the same person and it is my FIRST case. So please, if we can stay on the subject ... I need some advice here.
  11. It has nothing to do with me, it is neither the same account nor the same person .... And it is my first case!!!
  12. They did mention 68 offences to be taken in consideration. They attached to the case an array of 68 rows which mention 68 fares. In each row there is a place for signature "I request this offence to be taken into consideration" ....... Signed Yes I got it and I wrote back to admit my mistake and apology.
  13. Thank you HB for your answer Is there a specific way to negotiate? do I have to ring them? which number? or email them? which email address? or send a letter? which address/office? Should I sign (plead guilty) and send the form before even attempting a solution out of court? I mean, if I send the from, will I still able to negotiate or it will be late? around 10 times
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