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  1. Hi - thanks everyone for the advise. I'm now attaching the letter that Drydensfairfax sent me. Drysden ltr.pdf
  2. Hi - I have the trustonline.org.uk site as well and there are no CCJs that appear with my name against with this address. So what should my response be to the letter of Drydensfairfax? Also, should I make contact with CapQuest? Thanks again everyone for your support and guidance!!
  3. Hi, I am hoping to get some advice following a letter i received from Drysdenfairfax Solicitors at the end of July. I took out a student loan for 3 years while at university finishing in 1997. I cannot remember whether all of my student loan payments were completed against the loan amount as it was such a long time ago (20 years!!). However, I have had no contact with the Student Loans Company, Erudio or any debt agency about this for at least 10 years nor have they tried to contact me. I received a letter now from Drydensfairfax Solicitors saying that their records show I owe about £5000 to Erudio and there is a CCJ against me and that I am a registered property owner. I have checked with Equifax and there is no mention of a CCJ but I do own a house. Drydensfairfax say they wish to proceed with a Charging Order to secure the debt against the property. I tried to contact Erudio to understand what the situation is but they say they have no involvement as this has now been passed to CapQuest (this company has tried calling me a few times but i have ignored them as they leave unspecific general voice messages). Erudio suggested I speak to CapQuest but I do not want to call anyone until I understand what my position is. Can anyone advise me please on what I should do now as I am concerned with a potential court order against my home. Is this a genuine claim and could they get this Charging Order even if there is no CCJ within the last 6 years? Any advice would be really appreciated. Many thanks
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