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  1. dx sorry but my basic computer skills do not run to scanning letters up to pdf.seems a standard letter they send out.maybe someone else could manage this.regards micka 72
  2. hi again have today received bw letter letter of claim this seems to be the standard letter everyone receives. namely that their client will be relying on the Beavis case in any court proceedings. i have 3 weeks to pay otherwise legal proceedings WILL be commenced. seems funny they say this letter has been sent as i did not reply to their original letter just days after their letter aknowleging receipt of my response
  3. have received a reply from bwlegal to my denial letter. they note my position, however they shall now seek vcs instuctions with regard to issuing court proceedings. if the balance of £154 is not payed within 7 days i can expect a letter before action. should i respond? if so saying what or just wait for further developments
  4. thanks for all you help about to send the denial letter.will await developements
  5. THAbNKS GREG seems since 2012 they have erected massive signs and reduced the charges which in itself seems to imply that before then they realised their conditions were unenforceable
  6. thanks for the reply is the one line denial letter the one that begins and ends with f or another one?
  7. in nov 2012 i stopped in a bus lane for a couple of minutes to answer a phone call on the approach road to robin hood airport. a few days later i received the usual letter from vcn. the advice then was to ignore it which i did along with the numerous other letters which followed wanting sums varying from £80to £400. now out of the blue i have received two letters in the same envelope, one from vcn telling me this has been passed to their legal team namely bwlegal who now want me to pay £100 pcn charge plus£54 legal costs if not paid within 16 days legal proceedings will be tak
  8. hi all just received exact same letters as theboycarra in march. mine was from an incident in 2012. any update on your experience.any advice please
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