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  1. Appreciate the advice, thank you very much. We're just gonna put it on a CC, pay them off, then switch to a different provider, although I worry they're all the same! Thanks again.
  2. Hi Didn't want to overload with info, I have a tendency to give too much! Domestic, we have been a customer since last November, just approaching 1 year. They changed our DD on the 20th May. Thank you.
  3. Hi Hoping to get a quick bit of advice please. Our energy company (Extra Energy, fwiw) has told us today we haven't been paying enough and are £440 in debt. A while back, they dropped our DD from 95 to 65, saying that's all we needed to pay, so we did. Now they are saying we have used too much. If we had stayed at 95 we would have still be 160 in debt so we accept that and are happy to pay it, but they are telling us now we need to pay the 280 debt they have caused us. We simply can't afford this, they have said we need to now pay 125 a month, almost double. Where do we sta
  4. Ok thanks - I' won't respond to it. If I do get a claim form in this other persons name, how would you rec I respond?
  5. I've had another letter today, exactly the same "final notice" but the name is someone I've never heard of?!? My original letter was only addressed to me as the first name, no surname. Are they really this inept? They both refer to the same ticket as the references are the same. I have replied to their original letter, planning on just ignoring this. If by chance they are stupid enough to send a claim form to this person who doesn't exist, can I just ignore or is that not wise given it's the courts? Should I maybe reply telling them this other person doesn't exist? Than
  6. Thanks Ericsbrother. So, something along the lines of your words; "I paid the prescribed fee at the time so there was no breach of contract. Your client knows this and acknowledged this fact in the correspondence between us . Any further action will thus be treated as vexatious." Does anything else need adding? Along lines of if goes to court will be fought etc? Thanks
  7. Ok, thank you. Most of the denial letters I see say something along the lines of "it is denied that any monies are owed to your client relating to the supposed event of xx october 2015 as no keeper liability has been created and in any case no contract entered into by the driver at the time. Please refer this back to your client". Not always the same, but a lot mention keeper liability. When I submitted my original appeal, I acknowledged I was the driver of the vehicle? Does this change anything? What exactly should I write as I can only see this keeper liability thing which I d
  8. Hi Very appreciative of the fact this has been discussed A LOT already, I've spent the last couple of hours reading what has already gone on. I'm torn between ignore or a refusal letter, and was hoping if I briefly explain my circumstances someone could advise either way. I have 2 pcn's, both from excel back in 2014, approx 1 week apart. Whilst the letter from BW legal below relates to only 1 of them, I'm sure the other will follow soon - or it may have already as up until I have been ignoring it. In short, for the BW one, I paid for 24hrs parking, but the ringo app wouldn't let
  9. Hi http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?468039-BW-Legal-letter-re-Excel-PCN-March-2012&p=4932902#post4932902 I'm in a very similar situation to the OP so will follow this very closely and probably take the same steps. Could someone please explain what is meant by "There is no keeper liability for this event as it is prior to the nov 2012 start date." Thanks
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