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  1. Got a PCN charge for £100 for a duration of 31 minutes where the first 30 minutes was free. Looking at the actual time stamps the car was in the car park (not parked) for 95 seconds. I have sent the usuall response i.e. informing them there is no way they have suffered a loss for the car being in the car park for 95 seconds. However. I have subsequently found out that you are now supposed to obtain a ticket for the free period. They have only very recently changed their signeage to reflect this. For the past number of years this has never been the case before. On going back and looking at the signage it states that parking starts 5 minutes after entering the carpark meaning the car was only there for around 26 minutes. I have no intention of paying this so the main question is "Can they realistically issue a charge for not displaying a ticket especially as their signage clearly states 30 minutes, a big notice on the machine says "please pay for your stay" and then in small print informs you actually need to get a ticket. If a big sign says 30 minutes free and sign at the ticket machined says "please pay for your stay" I would deduce that becuase you stay for less than 30 minutes you dont need to pay therefore there is no need to get a ticket. They are essentially charging me £100 for not getting a ticket. I beat them last time when I dared them to take me to court but it is just hassle and un necessary stress.
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