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  1. Yes, that's what I'm worried about. If I suggest a settlement and they reject it, does it count as acknowledging the debt and I won't then be able to go on to defend it?
  2. Ah ok, I will draft up a witness statement and post it up here, thanks.
  3. Ok I will do thanks, you are probably right, the search function has only really brought up old threads and lots of failures
  4. Haha yes I know, it's just me panicking! I think I've just read a lot of threads where the judges don't seem to care whether they have the original agreement and rule against you anyway.
  5. Hi Andy Yes, I've looked at some examples. I've noticed quite a few people have had judgements awarded against them even with little evidence given by the claimants. Do you think I have enough to defend this successfully? Do you think it's too late to make them an offer as I really don't want a CCJ. Thanks for your help
  6. I've had the court date through, it's on 11th January and now I'm petrified. Have you had a chance to look at what I uploaded?
  7. Here are the exhibits. I've left out most of LRM4 because it was just correspondence back and forth. Many thanks Restons exhibits.pdf
  8. Sorry, didn't realise you'd replied. I'll upload the exhibits in the morning as it's a massive wad of paper and will take me a while. Exhibit "LRM1" is the agreement they sent me and which I uploaded previously. Do they usually set up the hearing quite quickly? Just wondered how much time I'm likely to have to prepare. Thanks
  9. Hi Andy Thanks for your reply, I've attached the WS for you to have a look at Many thanks restons2.pdf
  10. not the letter I was hoping for, just received this today. Where do I go from here? I have their witness statement too if you'd like me to upload that as well. Thanks restons pdf.pdf
  11. Yes, exactly the same. It just said Arrow had provided them with the agreement.
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