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  1. so in a twist of events... . I have received a letter from BW Legal this evening with a notice of discontinuance!!! HURRAY FOR ME! Seems their last desperate act of calling me and trying to scare me into paying 'because they have evidence' didn't work and so they have given up. Shame I'd already sent off my witness statements recorded delivery this morning ... could have saved myself £12!! lol but il let it lie. Thanks again everyone for your help . . I literally would not have had the balls to have gone this far without this forum and would have paid it when they sent court forms!! And for any one else unfortunate enough to be harassed by these horrible companies, please don't give in and don't let them scare you into paying!!!
  2. Managed to get my friend to go down and get me pictures. they have even removed the machines and the land is how it was 2 years ago when I visited - derelict and pot holed land. Theres no signs, no lines, no machine, no nothing. I am sending my evidence pack off tomorrow to the court and BW Legal as outlined by the court paperwork I received. I have yet to receive anything form BW Legal in terms of what they will be presenting in court. In the meantime I will also await to hear back form the letter I also sent asking for the claim to be struck out. I just can't see what leg they have to stand on.. but we shall wait and see. Ive read through parking pranksters numerous blog posts and I'm hoping if nothing else, BW Legal will continue to be incompetent in filing their paperwork so I can ask for the claim be thrown out!
  3. thanks for this advice, I have written and sent the letter so hopefully it will be received on Monday. I asked my friends in Manchester to go to the car park to take pictures for me as I live in Birmingham and work 12 hour days - the joy of the NHS. They have told me the pay and display machines have all been covered up as though they are out of use. the particular piece of land that was the car park is in the Manchester news...it is owned my by a company called Peel and they have applied for planning permission to build 2 sky rise buildings for flats there as part of a regeneration project.. don't know if thats got something to do with the pay and display machines being covered...
  4. Original Claim Particulars: The claimants claim is for the sum of £100 being monies due from he defendant to the claimant in respect of a Parcking Charge Notice (PCN) issued on 23/04/2015 (Issue Date) at 20:20:41 at Erie Basin The Quays Salford Excel Parking Services. The PCN relates to AUDI under the registration XXXXXXX The terms of the PCN allowed the defendant 28 days from the issue date to pay the PCN but the defendant failed to do so. Despite demand having been made the defendant had failed to settle their outstanding liability. The Claim also includes Statutory Interest pursuant to section 69 of the county courts act 1984 at a rate of 8% per annum a daily rate of 0.02 from 23/04/2015 to 28/07/2016 being an amount of £9.26. The claimant also claims £54.00 contractual costs pursuant to PCN terms and conditions.
  5. I have taken images from google maps satelite images to take with me as evidence.. I went down to the cafe and also sent emails but basically got fobbed off as the manager wasnt there whos name they wouldnt give. I left my details but nothing heard back from them. Which basically suggests they never plan to respond to me but atleast i tried via all means possible. Do the other team have to submit their evidence to me? The letter i got from court suggests me submitting information to them but i have yet to recieve anything from BW legal? Other than them offering to lower the fine via phone contact. Also.. i have read the threads you have recommended and made notes to reference in my statement
  6. Thank you for the guidance. I will be sending relevants docs out to then by enail by end of the week. I have had a call from BW legal offer yesterday interestingly enough offering to reduce my fine to £165 to settle out of court. I told them id settle at £0 which they declined. So court date is going ahead af of the 8th feb. Dont know if them calling offering me a "good will gesture" discount is a sign of their impending defeat in court or not? Also in terms of witnesses to back up my claims... im assuming i cant get statements from friends who were with me? I dont have any pictures from two years ago when this incident relates to as in the last two years the car park has been done up so it has signs now. Iv messages the cafe who have basically ignored my requests since october. Im trying to see if any of my mancuniam friends may have any pictures to demonstare the dumping ground it was when we went there before the carpark/signange wqs put up.
  7. Hi all hope you had a good xmas and new years. I had a lovely letter receieved just before xmas ... a court letter with a hearing date of 8th Feb 2017 - all i wanted for christmas! Im going to ring up today to see if they paid the fees which were due by the 30th dec. I still have heard nothing from the solicitors as i thought they have to tell me what evodence etc they are submitting?
  8. Just called and have been advised that it has been allocated to a birmingham court (local for me) and for me to await a hearing date as i ticked 'no' to the mediation option. They couldn't give a time as to when this would be.
  9. Yeh i ticked no on my forms when i sent them off to the court. So lets see what the response to that is now!
  10. I have returned from my mini birthday break to a copy of the questionnaire from BW legal who have ticked YES for the mediation. Im surprised they chose this option.
  11. Thats reassuring to know! I looked on MCOL and bw legal have no put anything on there... is this normal? The only letter i have receieved from them personally is that they intend to take it to court and another following letter from the county court woth the questionaire. Theyve still not responded to my letter i sent them requesting information and i havent seen any information in terms of their evidence and what basis they are continuing on? Im assuming the process is similar to magistrates whereby both parties have copies of all the informtion to be submitted?
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