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  1. Further to previous... Received a cheque for £100, no word on any ppi coming separately. Gave it a week or so and rang number on Monument headed letter. This number is unavailable. Are you bleeping serious! Yes, this really is a journey Andyorch! I've emailed my contact at FOS, see what they say...
  2. Longtime lurker. First time actually used the advice off here for monetary gain. Last year Monument sent standard letter... Gesture of good will, it's not PPI but we'll offer you some money anyway. However, we will offset to third party debt. A search of CaG and a similar problem found. Woot! It wasn't a great deal of ppi so let it lie for a few years. I'm self employed so definitely knew it was mis-sold. Complained to Monument, who either ignored letter or it never arrived. Complained on FOS website. I don't know whether a complaint stating they know they can'
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