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  1. Hi, Was looking for advice, on how to proceed:- On the 16th July, Vodafone took a payment from my debit card of £250. I queried the payment with the customer service team but they had no knowledge of the payment, i was told that i needed to take a copy of my bank statement proving the payment to my local store (12.5 mile round trip). Which i did, who simply put a note on my account saying the payment had been taken. I went home and spoke to another rep who confirmed it was a mistake and that a refund would appear in my account within 5 days - The refund never showed in my account. I tried calling up again, to be told a refund had been processed and would appear in my account within 5 days - again, there was no payments made in my account. I tried speaking with an online adviser, who claims the original refund had been cancelled but she could 'see' that a new refund had been initiated and that it would be with me yesterday. I had little surprise, when no money showed in my account yesterday. Loosing £250 has really made a big impact on my life, I was planning on using the money to take my son away for a few days during the summer holidays, but instead; the money has now gone towards paying our mortgage! - someone should be held accountable! During the online chat, i had threatened to go to small claims court if the money wasn't in my account by the final, final deadline. The Deadline has obviously passed - Should i enlist the help of the small claims court? or should i go to the police? - Theft is theft, no matter how it is jazzed up! Would i also be in a position to cancel the existing term of my contract under a breach of contract?
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